No heels?

A hot topic for senior girls.

Viviana Alamilo

A hot topic for senior girls.

Viviana Alamillo, Reporter

As all seniors know, graduation day is just around the corner. Graduation will be taking place on Thursday, June 1, in the highlander stadium starting at 6 p.m. However, there are certain things that we will not be able to wear on that day, one of the biggest being heels. Most girls are not too happy with not being able to wear heels on their graduation day. The reason why we will not be able to wear heels is because of the turf on the field.

This caused an outburst within the ladies, as senior Jackie Hurtado said, “The only reason why they don’t want us wearing heels is so we don’t mess up the turf, so they’re not doing it for our own good.” Senior Melanie Silva responded with, “I feel really angry about not being able to wear heels because I really wanted to and it’s unfair to me because that means we can’t dress classy,” and continued with suggestions, and said, “They should put a platform and what if I was in a wheelchair? They would have to make it work.” However, when senior Kimberly Rojas was asked, she responded with, “A lot of people won’t agree with it but I get why they are doing this, and I think it’s for our own good.” There are very mixed emotions about this topic, and is sure creating discussion about a change in the dress code.