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The student news site of Royal High School

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The student news site of Royal High School

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Which path will you choose?

Ian Cervantes
Robotics student Christina Stuck (on the right) explaining the schematics of the class.

Dear freshman, sophomores, have you ever thought of a pathway to take for school? Well, a couple of junior and senior link crew members led classroom tours on March 4 to the many pathways you can take here while on campus. This was very helpful because it gave many students an idea of what they might want to participate in for their future. Royal has a myriad of pathways that are up for the taking. They are classes where students are able to learn about potential careers or an industry, and develop skills to enter a career in said industry. Each pathway is made of two years. One year is a concentrator class, and the second is a capstone class. Students who complete two consecutive years will earn a cord and recognition at graduation. 

Senior student Christina Stuck said, “The tours are no doubt the best way for students to figure out their careers.” One pathway is JROTC, where you learn to provide government service and partner with the Reagan Library and U.S. Air Force. It makes a great resume and credit towards a pilot’s license, along with granting potential in careers like paramedics, politician, military, etc. The next is the Performing Arts Theater, which includes working with choreography, stagecraft, theater, and music. You’ll even work with stage lighting, sound and music cues, and producing school plays and musicals. It’ll get a foot in the door if you wish to work as an actor, director, stage tech, and even voice acting.

A bit similar to Performing Arts is Multimedia and Video Production, which is ideal for camera operating, broadcast journalism, screenwriting, sound editing, etc. It’s included in the IB program, and here you’ll learn to analyze and produce your own films and news broadcasts. If you prefer something more hands-on, the Woodworking pathway might ignite some interest. Here you’ll learn safety, tools, and basic building principles and ethics. Advanced students can earn OSHA Industry Certification and even manage the Woodshop. Carpentry, roofing, architecture, and inspecting buildings will be a possible future here. 

If you seek a career in child psychology, teaching, or any school district job, then the Education & Child Development pathway can reveal how we mature, learn and teach. This is done by helping an elementary teacher or interning in a high school class. Another pathway is the Design and Visual/Media Arts. These classes will be primarily computer taught, and combine visual art and digital processes. Learning experiences with websites, games, and animations are here for the taking. This path can also grant Adobe Certification, and will be responsible for the Royal Forge. To those who do not know, the Royal Forge makes the merchandise and spirit wear. 

Want to go even further than computers? The Software Systems pathway will have you thinking abstractly to solve complex problems, program robots, network and innovate electronics. Many potential careers fall under this pathway, including computer scientist, cyber security, data analysts, etc. Interested in culinary? Food Service & Hospitality has many selections to choose from. They offer a class and an offer to work at the Royal Cafe. You’ll learn through study and cooking, learn about nutrition and proper food preparation, along with Earn Food Safe Certification. Nearly any job in food will look proudly upon this pathway.

The world always needs more people in medical and patient care. In Sports Medicine, you’ll learn that patient care is a fast growing industry and be taught how to administer emergency medicine, prevent and treat injury, get CPR certification, and intern at school sporting events. First responder, nurse, doctor, physical therapist, etc. are all great careers to look forward to in this class. Senior student and tour guide Madelyn Tonderum said,  “I think everyone should take them because they actually reveal a lot. For example, most people actually don’t know that if you want to take culinary classes, you need to take three years of it. Tons of useful info for students.”  If you wish to know, or already know what career interests you, then you should definitely pursue a spot in one of these paths. When asked if students should be interested, Digital Arts teacher Mr. Lev said, “Oh yeah, definitely. We should be proud to show them off. I know our students are capable of amazing things and it’d be great to have students inspired to help Royal in the future.”

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Ian Cervantes, Reporter
I am Ian Cervantes, a senior, and this is my first year of journalism. For a few years I have had an interest in writing, and journalism allows me to write about current events going on. I am wildly interested in horror movies, Halloween, and other scary stuff. My dream job is to be a scare actor and work at a horror attraction, and I plan to do so after I graduate. I enjoy listening to music, chatting with people, and walking around town. I am looking forward to conducting interviews and getting to know people.

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