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Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

AFJROTC Cadets prepare to march out onto the football field to present themselves to new Corps Commander, Hiral Choudhary.
AFJROTC Pass in Review
Ethan Wood, Reporter • May 10, 2022

Pass In Review is an important tradition in the military for our Air Force Junior ROTC. The Pass in Review is a long-standing military practice that began as a way for a newly...

Junior Ashley Fong making milk tea, one of Chinas most famous drinks.
Multicultural week
May 3, 2022

What is Multicultural Week? Is it different kinds of cultures? Multiculturalism is a diversity of cultures coexisting in society.  Juniors...

Coachella Music Festival finally reopened
May 2, 2022

This year was Coachella’s first music festival since 2019 because of the pandemic, and it did not disappoint. The festival included two back-to-back...

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Sophomore Jack VanKannel and Senior Beatriz Acosta working on the robot they used in their competition in Ventura.
A great year for robotics
Jack Kirkpatrick, Reporter • May 12, 2022

Though it was the first year for the robotics class, it went extremely well for them. They went to a competition out in Ventura where there were four stages overall. The robotics...

When Ricky dressing up for “Adam Sandler Day” he sported a getup from “The Longest Mile.”
Ricky Baker is the wooden Highlander
May 10, 2022

Our school has a well-known mascot named Stevie The Highlander. He attends your sports games and he rallies up the crowd. However, is there a...

Senior driver Sabrina Serrano filling up her tank with her father paying the gas price!
The stress of driving
May 1, 2022

All around campus are parking lots full of your classmates' cars. Most students who work toward their permit start their sophomore year. Online...

Mr. Habroun playing Smash in his class after school, in preparation for the next tournament!
Highlanders are passionate about Smash Bros.
March 15, 2022

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released December 7, 2018, and now it is finally starting to make a bit of a wave on our campus. Smash is a party...

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A student working during their free period to stay ahead.
Homework: helping teens or hindering them?
Tucker Prosser, Editor-in-Chief • May 17, 2022

Late, missing, and overdue. Stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. These are words that many students can relate to, from middle school to college undergraduates. According...

Sustainability starts with accountability
Sustainability starts with accountability
Janet Gonzalez, Reporter • May 10, 2022

This generation is the first one to ever see the real effects of pollution, climate change, and global warming. With that, it needs to be the...

Freshmen Rory Kohler and Sri Gazula debate the controversial status of novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
To Kill a Mockingbird: A moral dilemma.
Sofia Bullard, Editor-in-Chief • April 11, 2022

Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee illustrates a childlike perspective on contentious subjects. Its use of harmful...

Good and bad: The representation of this matter depicted with a devil and an angel.
Nature versus nurture
Janet Gonzalez, Reporter • March 9, 2022

Does good come naturally or is it taught? Every supervillain has a dark and tragic origin story involving abuse or being dropped into a volcano....

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The softball season getting ready for their last league game of the season; warming up and getting ready to go and put all of their effort out on the field.
Softball season comes to an end
Madelyn Busby, Reporter • May 19, 2022

Standing in second place in league, girls softball had an amazing season with an overall record of 15-10 and a league record of 5-3. The softball team made it all the way...

Varsity volleyball players running through a tunnel of their fans.
Volleyball's CIF win
Tucker Prosser, Editor-in-Chief • May 19, 2022

After months of hard work and determination, the boy’s volleyball team won their first CIF championship title in over 28 years on Saturday,...

Tanner Petty, Jack Parkinson, Kyle Sweeting, Jack Mols, Grant Tomlinson, and Nathan Schulz departing school to head to Tierra Rejada Golf Club to play the second round of league playoffs.
Golf's bumpy ride comes in for a landing
Owen Buckholtz, Reporter • May 9, 2022

Following a tough loss to Simi on Tuesday, April 12, at Simi Hills (446-389), “We must improve overall as a team,” said head coach Greg Minick....

Seniors Kyle Sweeting and Tanner Petty, and freshman Jack Parkinson prepare for the Calabasas Coyote Invitational.
Golf on a bumpy ride
Owen Buckholtz, Reporter • April 7, 2022

It’s been a bumpy ride for the boy's golf leading up to their defeat of Santa Paula at Saticoy Regional Golf Course. “There is definitely...

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Royal JV girls pushing through in the 4x100 relay at a tri-valley meet with Moorpark and Simi High Schools.
Royal girls on the track
Sophia Serrano, Reporter • May 19, 2022

Varsity volleyball players running through a tunnel of their fans.
Volleyball's CIF win
May 19, 2022

After months of hard work and determination, the boy’s volleyball team won their first CIF championship title in over 28 years on Saturday,...

AFJROTC's bravo flight in action
May 18, 2022

AFJROTC's very own Pass in Review held a Jodie and marching competition between each flight. Here's a snapshot of B flight AKA the Black Birds...

Mrs. Letuss AP Language class had an arts and crafts project following their AP testing. Going along with the new book they are studying, The Crucible, students made their own witch hats. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller an American Playwright, is a tragedy following the Salem Witch trials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the late 1600s.
Hang with AP Lang
May 17, 2022

Following the AP Human Geography exam on May 5, AP Human Geography and World History teacher Brian Dennert prepares his students for their upcoming AP World History course. To do so, students play a tense game called GimKit to familiarize themselves with the material for the classs summer homework. Depicted are freshman Stevie McGrath and Emily Albert getting heated over a high-stakes match of the fun new educational game.
After AP testing...
May 15, 2022

Junior Noah de la Rionda and junior Jonah Bazerkanian race in the 1600 meters at Coastal Canyon league finals. Bazerkanian won the race and De la rionda comes in second, both defending their top spots at league finals against Camarillos top runner.
Track and field
May 11, 2022


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