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Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

Student dancers performing on stage as the KTLA camera crew film for their live morning news show. The audience is filled with live spirited students cheering them on.
KTLA "Royal" news
Staff, Reporter • December 8, 2023

On Friday, December 8, the KTLA morning news team was on campus to feature us in their "School Spirit Spotlight." Many of our wonderful and unique programs and activities...

CLUE: On Stage dinner scene.
Clue into drama
December 7, 2023

On November 30 through December 2, the Royal Players performed “CLUE: On Stage” in the MPR.  The experience was different for each actor...

The director of the Ronald Reagan Library explaining the rules before stepping into the Situation Room.
Ronald Reagan Library Situation Room
November 28, 2023

On Friday, November 17, some students in History and American Government classes got the chance to experience the new Situation Room at the Ronald...

The Storke Tower at UCSB.
College tour of UCSB and Cal Lu
November 2, 2023

On Thursday, October 26, Mrs. Laura Cuneo took seniors and juniors on a college tour through UC Santa Barbara and Cal Lutheran University. Students...

A Royal rock that Mrs. Setmire has painted.
Peeka Boo! Where are the rocks?
November 2, 2023

Have you ever saw anything colorful, shiny, or decorative in the campus scenery? In the bushes, trees, behind some of the buildings, or in the...

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A painted senior student painted parking spot.
Senior reserved parking
Lillian Blackwell, Reporter • December 5, 2023

After the announcement of the senior reserved paid parking spaces, students who paid for their spaces were able to paint them themselves before Thanksgiving break.  The parking...

A nice view of one of the beaches I visited in Idaho.
What staff and students did over Thanksgiving Break
December 4, 2023

Thanksgiving Break is always a nice highlight for the end of the year! Well… besides Winter Break of course! It’s always nice to rejuvenate...

An expressive club full of different arts of punk rock and metal music. Club members Justin Aguirre, Natalie Perez, Mike Beatty, and Arden Perez-Stackhouse.
The Pit Club
November 16, 2023

During lunch the Pit Club meets together at different areas around campus. This club was entirely created to play guitar with friends and discuss...

The Pride Club doing a creative activity for the day.
Pride Club discussions
November 14, 2023

Many clubs around school grounds fit many different people for many reasons.  One of those clubs is the Pride Club, centering around the LGBT+,...

This is an Ofrenda which is an alter used to honor those weve lost.
Day Of The Dead
November 2, 2023

On the day after Halloween from Nov 1- Nov 2 the Day of the Dead is celebrated. It is a day where we celebrate our loved ones who have passed...

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Ware with a breath-taking block in the 4th quarter to help the Highlanders seal the victory.
Basketball's hot start
December 7, 2023

On Wednesday, November 29, boy’s varsity basketball tried to continue their success in tournament play against a weak opponent. The Highlanders got off to a hot start...

Highlanders huddling together in the field during halftime. They utimately won the game against Burbank High School.
Going for the goal
Jasmine Franco, Reporter • December 7, 2023

Royal Highlanders boys varsity soccer scored one goal winning against Burbank High School Bulldogs on Thursday, November 30. Previous to this...

Junior James Coleman scoring, advancing Royal 5-3.
Heartbreak in the pool
Emily Syed, Editor-in-Cheif • November 14, 2023

Putting up a fight is an understatement. This past weekend on Saturday, November 11, the boys water polo team had their CIF final playoff game...

Freshman Jack Whipp just before scoring.
Water polo wins classic tournament
Cristian Price, Reporter • November 14, 2023

In the regular season boys water polo had an overall record at 26-4. For our Coastal Canyon League they had a 6-2 record, which placed them in...

Before the Rams game started, the Highlanders got a special message written for them from the Rams team.
Cooper Kupp makes a surprise visit
Jonah Krause, Reporter • November 7, 2023

On October 3, Cooper Kupp surprised the football team in the MPR. Kupp wanted to relive his high school experience that he once had at Davis...

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Students are now expeceted to leave their cell phone in the classroom while using the restroom.
New cell phone policy
Olivia Cleary, Reporter • November 30, 2023

On Monday, November 13, our school was shocked to hear the news of a new policy that will be enforced on campus from now on. Students were in their classrooms when the first...

Thanksgiving’s insidiously terrorizing promotional poster.
Thanksgiving thrilling's
Ian Cervantes, Reporter • November 28, 2023

Thanksgiving is a holiday made to commemorate all of the blessings of the year. It is a thanks for good health, fortune, family, food, and friends....

Some of the most popular social media apps used by teens.
Social media: Harmful or helpful?
Sammy Enriquez, Reporter • November 9, 2023

Social media is used by 90% of teenagers so it is no surprise that for many of the students here, it is a part of their daily lives. It is an...

Seniors Adan Arroyo and Cassidy Crowther dressed up as the Puppet Master and Foxy at the Regal Theater.
Five Nights at Freddy’s
Olivia Cleary, Reporter • November 7, 2023

Five Nights at Freddy’s, an iconic horror video game, has always been popular among many of the students here on campus. The storyline of animatronics...

Three teens having a good old spooky time on Halloween.
Too old for trick or treating?
Ian Cervantes, Reporter • November 2, 2023

How old is “too old” for trick or treating? What age should kids stop trick or treating? Aren’t teenagers too old to trick or treat? These...

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Cooler weather brings out student jackets and clouds in the sky.
Winter activities
Adan Arroyo, Reporter • December 7, 2023

As the 2023 year comes to the end, the weather begins to get cold as winter approaches. During the winter there are many of holidays, and lots...

Tutoring takes place in the library.
Preparing for finals
December 7, 2023

The fall semester finals are coming up and will be happening from December 18 to December 20. The Center for Academic Success in the library...

Popeyes is offering a special cajun-style turkey for Thanksgiving.
Favorite Thanksgiving food
November 16, 2023

Almost everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and one of the main ways of doing that is by having a massive dinner. Let us see what Royal students...

Gathering around the Thanksgiving table.
Thanksgiving traditions
November 16, 2023

Everybody celebrates Thanksgiving differently, either with friends or family, and at home or eating out.  The common Thanksgiving traditions...

Lockers with red ribbons in honor of Enrique (Kiki) Camarena.
History of Red Ribbon Week
November 7, 2023

Red Ribbon Week was celebrated October 23-28 on campus. Red Ribbon Week highlights and educates youth and adults the importance of living a drug-free...

Just one of the many rows that were filled with Halloween spirit.
Trunk or Treat
November 7, 2023

This year's Trunk or Trunk event was held at Royal in the east parking from 5-8 p.m. on October 30. It was filled with super awesome ideas, many...

A 13 foot light up skeleton in front of one of the houses.
Auburn Lane lights
October 31, 2023

Auburn Lane is one of the best places to trick or treat on Halloween. Auburn Lane is located on the east side of town and is a round street that...

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