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Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

Senior winners for chatterbox, travel the world, most likely to be late, and stand in for royal jester
Glamorous Red Carpet Senior Dinner
Andres DeSantiago, Yumnah Shoaib, Reporters • November 10, 2022

Senior Dinner was a nice get-together for all the seniors, and a chance to win “The Best” at something for your class of 23.  Senior dinner was held on November 2 at...

Great IB field trip to the Ventura Pier.
Ventura Pier and Electricidad excursions
November 3, 2022

One perk of enrolling in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program at school is the invitation to inclusive field trips. Everyone participating...

Yearbook from 1993 with the recently found class ring belonging to Tim Vanni.
Shining discovery in the lost and found
October 29, 2022

It is not uncommon for the average person in society to use the phrase "finders keepers, losers weepers." For librarian Ms. Linda Rodriguez,...

Halloween has come early this year
Halloween has come early this year
October 17, 2022

With Halloween weeks away, many artists have been dropping treats almost as sweet as holiday candy.  This year, October 21 holds significance...

Senior Hope Gonzalez standing with juniors Sofia Berry, Bailey O’Connor, and Zoe Misiowiec to model SPF 805 hoodies near the beach.
A step in the right direction, SPF 805
October 14, 2022

SPF 805 is a company dedicated to help the coral reefs in our oceans through funding from selling merchandise, all coming from senior Hope Gonzalez....

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UCSB students peacefully protesting in the commons for fair wages for UC teacher aides.
Historical college visit
Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief • November 18, 2022

On Thursday, November 17, seniors got the opportunity to take a tour of the University of California Santa Barbara and California State University Channel Islands.  This...

The elder brothers of the Pardoners Tale on trial.
Mock trial rendition of the Canterbury Tales
November 10, 2022

The Pardoner's Tale is one of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer which tells the tale of three brothers who stumble upon gold on their...

Kingdom Chorale students at Westmont college included senior Lina Kulick, senior Katey Cochran, senior Danielle De Leon, senior Genaro De Leon, sophomore Serena Quist, and senior Isabel Martinez
Westmont College Choral Festival
November 3, 2022

Last Friday, October 28, the Kingdom Chorale was invited to join Westmont College in their choral festival along with other choirs such as San...

College representatives helping students with questions during lunch.
Mini College Fair
October 20, 2022

Attention students! Do you want more information on colleges and universities to be more prepared for life after high school? Royal High School...

Here are some of the upcoming food events. When going to participate, dont forget to mention you are there for our school!
Fabulous future fundraisers
October 18, 2022

Warning: upcoming delicious ways to raise money for our school, and help support our many great programs. There are a few different settings...

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Last game of the season
Last game of the season
Ashley Gisborne, Reporter • November 6, 2022

Football season is officially over, at least for this school year. The last football game was held on Friday, October 28, in the Royal stadium against Oak Park High School. The...

Coach Meek ready for practice.
Welcome Coach Meek
Paola Bautista, Reporter • October 4, 2022

We welcome Coach Tyler Meek as the new head coach for the boys basketball team. Meek is a full time firefighter for Los Angeles County. Prior...

Saluting the season, our kicker, junior Morgan Arrasmith, is sporting the number 21 on her jersey. Not just a number, but in representation of her older sister, Madison Arrasmith, who was previously a highlander lacrosse star. Maddie was honored after graduating by the number 21 being retired for future lacrosse teams at our school.
Fearless female joins our football family
Halle Scholbrock, Reporter • October 3, 2022

Our school hasn't had a female football player since the 2019 season until now. The newest “recruit” to the team is Morgan Arrasmith who's...

Our girls volleyball players celebrating their achievements.
Mighty start on the court
Brooklyn Cirocco, Reporter • September 16, 2022

The Highlander girl’s varsity volleyball team is off to a winning start.  They won their first nine matches this season.  Head coach Kristine...

View from the student section as the smoke bombs went off in support of our varsity football team.
Sweet and sour end to the rivalry
Serena Ceci, Reporter • September 13, 2022

The varsity football team’s loss [12-49] at our latest home game [September 2] against our rival school Simi Valley High School did disappoint...

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Bullying prevention
Bullying prevention
Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief • November 17, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, bullying is not just encapsulated by being shoved into a trash can or pushed into a locker. Bullying, especially in the modern-day ranges from...

As seen hidden heavily within the brush and trees, Donda Academy still stands just how it did before it was forced to come to an end due to West’s words and actions.
Donda Academy draws to a close
Halle Scholbrock, Reporter • November 17, 2022

What was Donda Academy? It was an unaccredited Christian private school in Ventura County run by celebrity Kanye (Ye) West. If you are or were...

Shein packaging
creates plastic waste.
The truth about Shein
Serena Ceci, Reporter • November 10, 2022

Shein is a clothing brand that has expanded rapidly over the last few years due to its extremely affordable prices with a great selection of...

Regarding the film “Smile” currently at theaters, prepare to be scared.
Smile: “Once you see it, It’s too late”
Faith Arceo, Reporter • November 10, 2022

Who would think that a smile could be so horrifying? The definition of a Smile is “to form one's features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression.”...

Seniors Martha Rodriguez and Riley Marshall watching Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid.
The new “Little Mermaid” causing uproar
Faith Arceo, Reporter • October 25, 2022

When the announcement first came out that on May 26, 2023, there would be a release of a live-action movie of the Little Mermaid, everyone was...

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The documentary  shown in 3rd period classes warned students about the dangers and consequences of how one small decision can change your life. The image shows the dangers of using social media to find drug dealers and counterfeit pills containing the deadly fentanyl drug.
Fentanyl presentation within classes
Brooklyn Cirocco, Reporter • November 17, 2022

On Thursday, November 17, all third period classes on campus watched a three part video educating them on the dangers of fentanyl. The video...

Fashion trends in cold weather
Fashion trends in cold weather
November 17, 2022

Fashion Trends differ from time to time, especially when the weather changes. With the recent drop in temperature, Southern California people...

Little Caesars employee and former Royal High School student Jose Esparaza hard at work.
Your first job 101
November 10, 2022

First jobs are exciting for many reasons, it means you’re one step closer to becoming an adult, you start working for your own money, and you’re...

A poster put up in the hallway by our Leadership class to spread awareness for Red Ribbon Week.
Red Ribbon Week
November 10, 2022

On Monday, October 24, Red Ribbon Week officially began. Red Ribbon Week is a week that promotes the absence of drugs. Since its beginning in...

Seniors enjoying their day off at a private beach.
Senior ditch day
November 5, 2022

Following Halloween celebrations on October 31, November 1 was celebrated by many as senior ditch day. Most seniors took the day to hang out...

A villainous comedic trio of witches, live on our campus.
Sanderson Sisters on campus
November 3, 2022

The Sanderson Sisters were the first place winners of the faculty Costume Contest held on October 31. Can you recognize them? Teachers Concetta...

A-peek inside one of the rooms of Royal’s Spooktacular Haunted House.
Haunted Halloween House
November 3, 2022

Halloween just passed on October 31. To celebrate, students volunteered and set up a fun Halloween night for everyone to enjoy. We hosted the...


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