New ASB officers for 2022-2023


Yumnah Shoaib

The full 2022-2023 ASB Cabinet.

Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief

ASB Cabinet pictured

New year, new office. With the school elections wrapping up on May 23, 2022 we inaugurated eight newly elected members into ASB. The associate student body, or ASB, plans events such as Homecoming, Prom, Formal, and class-only events. The new ASB president, Lucas Medina, said he’s most excited for spirit days. “I want to bring back the spirit that was lost [from the pandemic], that I remember from my freshman year. I plan on putting all out for spirit days and working with Kevin to have a lively student section at games.” With that, our newly appointed Vice President Kevin Bautista is taking over Activities and Athletics alongside his other Kingdom rulers over on the @rhs.kingdom Instagram. Andrea Munoz is taking over as Vice President of Academics and the Arts. Munoz stated that she wants to bring in diversity and “showcase all the different heritages on campus to create a more diverse and respectful school.”

Corresponding to this, each class is assigned a class president who coordinates events for their class. Alex Karten was appointed to serve as senior class president following the strenuous senior class elections. When asked about the upcoming senior events, Karten responded, “I was stressed at first, but I’m happy that people are here to help me. I’m still a bit nervous but I am excited.”  Miss Myszkowski, Assistant Principal, who takes charge of the ASB recruitment and oversees the program is thrilled to have new minds taking over the school. “Every year is new, different, and exciting. The beginning of the year is fun getting to know the various personalities and learning the strengths of the leaders.” Curious about the full list of ASB officers? ASB President- Lucas Medina, VP of Arts and Academics – Andrea Munoz, VP of Athletics and Activities – Kevin Bautista, Senior Class President- Alex Karten, Junior Class President- Cody Webber, Sophomore Class President- Aneesh Veeravatnam, ASB Social Media Chair- Danielle DeLeon, ASB Secretary/Treasurer- Anny Zermeno. If this sparked your interest, and you want to be a part of the Royal Family; consider joining your Class Council during the Club Rush in the last week of August. If you have any interests that aren’t already claimed in a club, go to the ASB office to create your own club. At Royal, we strive to foster an environment that is inclusive and supportive of all students and their interests, as long as they are helpful and appropriate.