The arising start of 2023-2024


Priyal Choudhary

Shiny gold crowns passed out to freshman encouraging them to vote Melody Oh for sophomore class president.

On Monday, May 15, at precisely 6:03 a.m. the highly anticipated election for all students occurred. Here it was, low and behold, the ASB cabinet and class president elections. After a week of students promoting their positions, as well as spreading their hopes for their upcoming year, once elected are known to most of the students in the highlander kingdom. And soon, the future of the highlanders came down to this moment, where the posters and the sunglasses became a click on the screen to an earned valuable position. 

And before you knew it, voting ended, and the RHS Instagram posted all of the new cabinet members for the year of 2023-2024. Every candidate who tried for a position showed their admirable leadership qualities by promoting themselves to create valuable changes to this school. It brought the highlanders together to support the future of the kingdom. Every candidate, elected or not, persevered and showed that they are worthy for great things in the future. Now, let us introduce our cabinet for ASB.

The candidates who ran for sophomore class president were current freshmen Ivy Roessel and Melody Oh, and the class of 2026 voted for Oh, an incoming sophomore dedicated to involve student spirit and participation, as well as respect overall. Once asking Oh about her overall thoughts about being elected, Oh said, “I feel excited and fortunate to be sophomore class president.” Her excitement was shown through and through as she continued, and said, “I hope to achieve a stronger community at school as well as a safer campus, and my biggest hope is that our sophomore year is a collaborative effort between all sophomores.” Her commendable hopes for the coming year is a vision that is certainly looking up to happen.

The candidates who ran for junior class president were sophomores Krystal Waters and Luke Lacy. Lacy won with goals to host events for students to connect and build memories. Candidates for senior class president included juniors Leah Orsini, Beret Kalinke, and Crystal Bateman. Bateman won with hope to reunite students in all grade levels, and for students to be more involved with complete positivity within the community. 

The candidates who ran for ASB Vice President of Athletics and Activities were junior Rohan Dhillon and sophomore Reese Dugar. Dhillon won with goals to create more recognition for sports teams and use students feedback to create better events. Candidates for ASB Vice President of Arts and Academics were juniors Ilianna Uhre, Karen Nieto, and Catherine Norton. Nieto won with hopes to help students achieve academic success and to promote academic programs. And finally, candidates for ASB President were juniors Cynthia Ha, and Isabella Russel. Russel won with goals to increase club participation while giving them further recognition and to better communicate events for more involvement. 

As you can see, our highlander future is in the hands of a strong ASB cabinet. We hope to see all of their goals succeed in the upcoming year, and they get what they came for. Not to mention everyone who participated tried incredibly hard, and deserved every applause. Congratulations to every elected member and your future in ASB. Follow the highlander Instagram: @the.royalkingdom. Go Highlanders!