Showcasing their dance moves

The Highlander dance team performing a 2000s remix.

Savannah Downes

The Highlander dance team performing a 2000’s remix.

On Thursday, April 13, at 7 p.m. our dance team performed a showcase in the MPR to promote the team, and to show off their skills. These dances were played out, by students here, as well as guest performers. They demonstrated passion for the pieces performed. Dance styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Tap were performed for the audience at their last show of the year. 

This Spring Showcase consisted of thirteen dances, most choreographed by the dancers themselves. The show was kicked off with the song Humble, designed by the captains Grace Martin and Gabi Munoz. Then there were many dances consisting of guest performers or performances choreographed by the dancers themselves. This increased the interaction between the audience and the performers, with the audience members often cheering up the performers.

Soon came intermission, where audience members were given the opportunity to get snacks from the snack bar which consisted of refreshments, chips, and candy. Then, once the audience was seated, seniors Gabi Munoz and Grace Martin had senior spotlight videos played for them, made by their parents, to celebrate their years of dance. Then they had the opportunity to perform solos after their beautiful messages to celebrate their emotional ending of the dance team with the Highlanders. 

Finally Munoz and Martin got together to receive flowers from the team and to give flowers to important parent volunteers and the coach. They were able to view many photos along the span of their dancing journey, as well as a video consisting of short messages from the members of the team wishing them farewell and messages for their upcoming future. 

These dancers truly showcased their effort by sharing their journey with experiencing zero period class, thus waking up early to support their team. This performance was a lovely addition to all of the success the dance team has had this year. They truly worked hard and this showcase definitely symbolized that.