Met Gala Winter Formal


Serena Ceci

The front of the Majestic Ventura Theatre, site of the upcoming Winter Formal.

Winter Formal tickets were on sale until January 20 for $75 dollars without ASB and $70 dollars with ASB. It is taking place at the Majestic Ventura Theater, and the theme for the day is Met Gala.

According to David’s Bridal, a nationwide renowned store for formal wear, sparkles/sequins and Illusion gowns/dresses are one of this year’s most popular looks. The bridal shop says these designs let you show off a hint of skin while maintaining a super glamorous and sophisticated style. Two-piece gowns and crop top dresses continue to rock the red carpet and create a youthful yet elegant vibe at this year’s formal events such as winter formal or prom. For men, they suggest tweeds, wool, and velvet for a special winter event. They say to avoid sheer linens and silks and when choosing a thicker fabric, it’s best to go with a tailored suit that fits just right.

When asking students about what they were deciding to wear to Winter Formal this year senior Grace Hoolihan said, “I bought this cute floor-length tight black dress that has little sequin designs going down vertically!” Hoolihan also said, “I do a lot of online shopping but this one was actually from Windsor, the place in the Thousand Oaks Mall just because it’s so convenient.”

When it comes to the organization of Winter Formal it’s a team effort between one of Royals’ English teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Letus, and the sophomore class council. Letus said in regards to being appointed this role, “The person who previously was in charge of it got a position in the district office and left the responsibility to me and I’ve been doing it for five years now!” Letus also added, “I love greeting all the students and seeing everyone dressed up, seeing them so excited is by far my favorite part.”