Consequences of chaotic campus construction

A new, green, royalfied look for the MPR, freedom for the front “field”, and finally construction on the lots and courtyards.

Halle Scholbrock

A new, green, royalfied look for the MPR, freedom for the front “field”, and finally construction on the lots and courtyards.

For several years now students have witnessed the progression of the campus construction. Years have gone by, classes have graduated, and we all have been walking past these same gates. The building seems to be never-ending once you step foot on campus.

Entering the gate closest to the seven buildings (near the stadium parking lot) you will notice a new portion of the dirt opened up now! Which once recently had construction gates and resources overcrowding the area, can now be used to walk on to get to class. However, that being said, the construction has created many conflicts for students and staff members. “It’s a joke. Something that should’ve taken three months is taking three years,” said yard supervisor, Miles Levy. From an overcrowded library perimeter to sketchy parking lot exits we have all the chaos on our campus.

Due to construction in the quad in between the six and seven buildings students have needed to reroute their paths to class. Not only are our routes to classes being rerouted, but the process of walking to the bathroom takes longer as well now. Since the gates block off straight access from the sixth to the seventh building and vice versa it has created a new wave of people around the library. Unfortunately, now you have to go up the stairs leading to the Work Experience office where you are then able to walk around the library towards the six and seven buildings. This is all because there’s no way to walk directly to and from these buildings for class anymore. Senior Jayde Davidson, said, “It’s needed [construction], but so annoying when we have to walk all around to the other side of campus to get to class.” Additionally, with the new tardy rule in place, it adds new stress on top of this detour. 

Most of the parking lot mayhem occurs in the stadium parking lot. This is partially due to a distracting amount of random construction vehicles and equipment being parked in or near the lot. In addition, they recently started working on the actual parking lot itself. By doing so they have created cramped exits and entrances on the actual rows of the lot. This may also be intimidating to new high school drivers who can be easily distracted. 

On the bright side our ASB office, band room, and MPR have been popping off. Our old portable ASB office has been demolished. The new one can be accessed in the same general area just closer to the MPR than it was to the gym originally. The architecture chosen for the ASB office and band room is very modern and sleek looking. With lots of glass windows to let in light and little music note detailing for the band room, we have a whole new vibe. This newly moved ASB office opens up the area between the gym and MPR for more seating opportunities and a walking room. The MPR has been under construction for what seems to be the longest out of everything. Yard supervisor Jennifer Luna, stated, “This is the third school year with the MPR under construction.” What used to be a stage and open courtyard for rallies has now transformed into a glorious gate community with lunchtime traffic. Luckily, they have painted the side of the MPR facing the library with different shades of green in a pixelated formation. Overall, we are on the route to a beautifully updated campus.