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Jasmine Franco
Nikki Hatfield, Bethany Spielman, and Ashyln Cunningham performing I Put a Spell On You (“Hocus Pocus”) in memory of beloved Emma Jakobi.

It is a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, put your hands on your hips, and bring your knees in tight and it is a time warp dance to end the Vocal Finale performing favorite stage and screen moments. “Someone in the Crowd” from La La Land was the opening act on Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15 along with 22 favorite acts from throughout the year in the MPR. Choir director Bethany Spielman said, “I believe every one of these kids are talented and deserve their chance in the spotlight. We are not only giving solos to the kids performing tonight but having completely different kids performing solos with completely different songs tomorrow.” After six years Spielman has come to the decision to move to Massacchussets to see what the world has to offer her. Spielman said, “I’m really sad that my chapter as choir director is over. I truly believe there are no better kids out there and have been blessed with the opportunity to be with these kids.” 


Act one consisted of 11 performances including Someone in the Crowd (“La La Land”), Para Siempre (“Fuego en las Sangre”), “Mamma Mia” Medley, What Was I Made For (“Barbie”), “Phantom of the Opera” Medley, Talking to the Moon (“Think Like a Man”), Good Morning Baltimore (“Hairspray”), What I Did For Love (“A Chorus Line”), From Now On (“Greatest Showman”), Always Remember You (“Hannah Montana”), and “Rocketman” Medley. The performers thrived off of the crowd’s energy throughout the night giving them confidence and encouragement. Although all performances were of high quality, one stood out more than the others, “Phantom of the Opera” Medley. Seniors Otter Duran, Cody Weber, Ethan Pulsipher, and Sadie Gillen were lead soloists, and it was choreographed by Weber. This performance had high emotions such as horror, love, and thrill as Duran led the song and the crowd fell in love with her voice.


In the second act there were 11 performances to end the show of night one. This act included Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (“Hair”), I Put a Spell on You (“Hocus Pocus”), “Hamilton” Women, I Can Hear the Bells (“Hairspray”), You’re the One That I want (“Grease”), 100 years (“Clover”), Bellas Finals (“Pitch Perfect”), End of The Line (“Theory of Relativity”), The Impossible Dream (“Man of La Mancha”), and Time Warp (“Rocky Horror Picture Show”). The first performance, Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (“Hair”), was not performed by students, but by staff and parents. Spielman wanted to have a place for the adults who were longing for a place to sing, giving them the opportunity to perform both nights. The most memorable performance of this act was, I Put a Spell on You (“Hocus Pocus”) because it was a tribute to former student Emma Jakobi. Emma Jakobi had passed away but had always wanted Speilman to perform that song. Spielman along with students performed it with strong emotion and love. All performers worked hard throughout the whole show and reflected all their hard work and dedication. The night ended with a tradition, the Time Warp (“Rocky Horror Picture Show”). All students, former students, and staff were on the stage during this performance in a mixture of all their outfits throughout the night with a fun dance.


After a successful first night, the performers had to do one more show for the last time before the end of the school year. This night was special for seniors and Spielman as they are closing their chapter at Royal High School. Spielman gave opportunity to her students by giving new solos in five performances in the first act including, Rainbow Connection (“The Muppets”), All I Want (“High School Musical”), Maybe This Time (“Cararet”), Shallow (“A Star is Born”), and Therapy (“Tick Tick Boom”). Also, four different solos in the second act included Home (“Beauty and the Beast”), Unworthy of Your Love (“Assassins”), Why God Why (“Miss Saigon”), and I’m Missing You (“Romeo and Juliet”). Senior Lizzie Platt said, “I’ve been with this program all four years of high school and have been working with Ms. Spielman for six years. It was a special night for all of us and I am sad it had to come to an end. I want future students to know that this program is welcoming for everyone who needs a good space to be around.” Spielman described this show as the best performance her students have ever given her. This is Spielman’s last year at our school, as she moves on to new opportunities.

Otter Duran, Cody Weber, along with the group performing “Phantom of the Opera” Medley. (Jasmine Franco)

After two successful nights full of performances the students had a surprise for Spielman. They all sang one last song to her with a slideshow of all the special moments they shared together. This brought many tears to the crowd, students, and staff as they all watched how influential Speilman has been to her students. Not only did they prepare a slideshow and song for Spielman, but a speech dedicated to her. Senior Nikki Hatfield said, “Every day for the past six years she has poured her blood, sweat, and tears into this program caring for every student from their freshman year until they walk across the stage at graduation. She always followed our motto, family, passion and acceptance. She has helped us blossom into beautiful performers with her determination, drive, and spirit. We will never forget the impact she has had in all of our lives. So from all of us from RHS vocal we wish you the best of luck in your adventure.” This beautiful moment will forever be remembered by the students and crowd.

Students, staff, and former performers doing the Time Warp dance. (Jasmine Franco)
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