The new “Little Mermaid” causing uproar

Seniors Martha Rodriguez and Riley Marshall watching Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid.

Faith Arceo

Seniors Martha Rodriguez and Riley Marshall watching Disney’s animated film “The Little Mermaid.”

Faith Arceo, Reporter

When the announcement first came out that on May 26, 2023, there would be a release of a live-action movie of the Little Mermaid, everyone was ecstatic, until they found out which actress would be portraying Ariel in the film. Halle Bailey, a Black actress/singer who will be playing the role of Ariel is receiving some backlash for the role itself. Grown men and women are getting set off by the news of this upcoming film, all because of the actress’s skin color. The controversy for the film first started in 2019 when it was announced but came back this past year after the official trailer was released. On the trailer itself, it received over 1.5 million dislikes on YouTube and comments made left and right. Twitter went on a frenzy of remarks saying things like, “This is NOT about racism, we just want an Ariel that looks like the Ariel we love.” Comments like these completely dismiss the representation trying to be brought in Disney movies. A mermaid does not have a race or certain color to them, it is a fish. 

“I think it’s great that they are bringing more representation of the Black community into Disney movies, I think it’s important for younger kids of color to see themselves on screen,” said senior Riley Marshall. “It’s especially cool to see different representations in kid’s movies especially. Having these opportunities for people of color to be the main character gives hope to see themselves on screen and for them to be represented equally as any white actor or actress,” added senior Ireland Donnelly.

Even though there have been mixed reviews on the movie itself, not all of them have been bad. Since the trailer was released there have been thousands of young black children watching it and absolutely falling in love. Seeing someone who looks like them not only on screen but as a princess is so magical to see. No matter what others’ opinions are on this movie, it is a big break for actors of color to be a part of a Disney film and be able to represent themselves and all the young black kids aspiring to do the same thing.