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The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

Winter activities

Adan Arroyo
Cooler weather brings out student jackets and clouds in the sky.

As the 2023 year comes to the end, the weather begins to get cold as winter approaches. During the winter there are many of holidays, and lots of different things to do. During the winter time Campus Supervisor Matt Diconti likes to, “Watch football and play board games and decorate for Christmas with my family.” Students and staff like to do different things. Senior Jose Martinez likes to, “Drink hot cocoa and being under warm blankets.”

This is a season to stay warm due to the weather change, as well as watching or doing their favorite hobbies indoors like freshman Anthony Prater, who said, “I like reading action books during the winter in a blanket.”

In the winter season students and staff also enjoy a wide variety of seasonal drinks. “I like eggnog store-bought and homemade because it’s a classic drink and tastes amazing,” said senior Logan Wagner. Eggnog is typically referred to as a milk punch or an egg milk punch that’s sweet which is used during holiday events a lot as a beverage. During the winter many people gravitate towards warmer drinks. “I like store abuelita,” said sophomore Justin Aguirre. Abuelita is a mexican-style hot chocolate, and hot chocolate is very popular during the cold weather. 

There are also many seasonal meals, and foods that different cultures eat. There are also way more varieties of foods that students and staff with different cultures eat like senior Jesus Nunez said, “I eat Pozole, Tamales, Conchas, and arroz con leche because of my hispanic background and its traditions.”

Some students also celebrate with different cultures. Junior Damian Taeia said, “I celebrate Christmas and I like to sleep.”  There are a wide variety of holidays that religions and cultures celebrate during the winter, such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Not only do the holidays matter, but according to Taeia also, “Spending time with family.” During the two week break most students and staff love to spend time with their families and close friends. Keep warm and cozy this winter and enjoy!

Holiday decorations are coming out in many homes. (Adan Arroyo)
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Adan Arroyo, Reporter
My name is Adan Arroyo, I am in 12th grade and I have a passion for writing and always have. I like to play games and go swimming in my free time as well as read. Once I move on out of high school I plan on going to Moorpark Community College for two years until I find out what I really wanna major in and have an interest in and then I want to go to a 4-year college to major in the thing I become passionate about. I am a very kind and sweet person to everyone and very understanding. I’m a very creative person as well, who likes art as well as decorating.

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