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Magic of the kingdom

Michael Robinson
Our JROTC standing with honor as we sang our National Anthem.

Excitement reached its peak as we had our annual Homecoming Pep Rally on Oct 6, setting the stage for an unforgettable week of school spirit, and celebration.

The gymnasium was transformed into a sea of school colors, as students and faculty alike donned their spirited attire in support of their beloved Stevie the Highlander. The rally, a tradition that unites the school community, served as a vibrant prelude to the upcoming Homecoming dance, which promises to be a highlight of the academic year.

As the pep rally kicked off, the raucous crowd was greeted by the school’s dance team, whose melodious moves infused the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm. Cheers and applause filled the air as the skit actors made their grand entrance

The festivities included captivating dance performances by the school’s dancers encouraged the crowd to get loud, and loud they got, as students proudly chanted with school spirit and rallied behind their team.

A highlight of the event was the reveal of the Homecoming theme, which this year is “Magic Kingdom.” The gymnasium’s ceiling was adorned with sparkling lights and celestial decorations, setting the tone for the upcoming dance. Students could not hide their excitement, knowing that they would soon be dancing the night away under a starry sky.

Principal Mr. Michael Hall, emphasizing the importance of unity and school pride. “It was exciting to take part in the pep rally.” 

The rally ended on an electrifying note with the school’s dance team giving us one final show and Hall being freed from his prison tower.

The energy and enthusiasm generated at the Homecoming Pep Rally promise to carry through the week’s festivities, including the much-anticipated dance.

The Homecoming Pep Rally has once again proven to be a cornerstone of school tradition, uniting the Royal High School community.

The apple bobbing champion soon after victory. (Michael Robinson)
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Michael Robinson, Reporter
My name is Mike and I am a junior. I like journalism because who else gonna get a good story. I love making music, and basketball. After I graduate I plan on going to UCLA. One thing interesting about me is that although I can be outgoing I rather be to myself most of the time.

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