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College applications vs. senioritis

How should students balance school, work, life, and college apps?
Emily Syed
Student researching which UC College is right for them.

As seniors of the 2023-2024 school year are starting to prepare for their future and life after high school, they are faced with the task of choosing whether or not to apply to colleges. Starting from as early as the previous summer, seniors are starting to decide if college is the right path for them and if so, where they would like to go. This grueling and tedious process collides with students’ regular school work as well as senioritis and just overall lack of motivation. 

Senioritous is the name for students’ decreased motivation during the end of their high school career. Lots of students tend to feel less of an obligation to attend school because they have already been accepted into college. But, it is important to understand that colleges have every right to take back your admission if your grades and attendance drop. In other cases, some students just feel burnt out to the point where they don’t have the capability to do their college applications. Balance and organization are key components in maintaining a steady and healthy relationship between school work, extracurriculars, and collage apps. Creating reminders and to-do lists as well as setting aside time at least a few times a week to work on applications can really help students prevent themselves from falling behind.

Many students are planning to attend our local community college in Moorpark. This school is such a great option for students who plan to stay close to home and who don’t want to pay a fortune in tuition.  Senior Cecilia Almada said, “I plan on attending Moorpark College because I feel like that’s the best option for me. It’s such a great school with amazing transfer opportunities and overall such a great option for students who don’t want to go to such a prestigious college.” 

Deadlines are creeping up faster than we realize, with UC and CSU applications due November 30. Lots of students are struggling because they don’t know where to start. Senior Skyla Shulman said, “Starting the application process is so intimidating and I don’t know where to start. I think all I need is a little instruction on where to go and how to make an account, then I’ll feel more comfortable and confident.” 

Luckily, Mrs. Cuneo, our College and Career Counselor, has been kind enough to host college workshops in order to allow students to get help and guidance through the college application process. Her next workshop is on October 18 and you can sign up through her Google Classroom page.

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About the Contributor
Emily Syed, Editor-in-Chief
I am a senior here at Royal High School and this is my first year of journalism. I have been playing beach volleyball here for the last two years and it has been such an amazing experience. In my free time, I like to read and hang out with my friends. I am excited to write for the Plaid Truth and explore deeper into my school's community!

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