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What holiday are you the most excited for?

Pumpkin carving is so much fun during the fall holidays.
Makayla Bell
Pumpkin carving is so much fun during the fall holidays.

Holidays are the most fun when it comes to family, friends, or if you even have been planning or budgeting for a while for a certain trip. This year, we have many holidays coming up, which will be filled with excitement. Royal staff and students have also been anticipating the upcoming holidays and wanted to share their fun holiday plans!

Senior Jessica Deleon is the most excited for Christmas. She’s excited because she is getting a new phone, and seeing her relatives. Deleon also hopes to see her older sister again, because she was also thinking about the well-being of her sister. For her trip, she and her family are going to visit cousins who are a few hours away from Simi. She also hopes that when she does visit, her sister goes outside more, instead of staying inside most of the time. Deleon said, “I think things will go well, hopefully, my sister will recover by then.” Christmas will also be worth it for Deleon because she will get to eat lots of food, see relatives, socialize, and spend time away from her house. Deleon said, “My family and I might put up Christmas decorations, Filipinos usually put them up early around this time.” 

Senior Lillian Blackwell is the most excited for Halloween. She’s been thinking about this holiday since the beginning of the year. Blackwell said, “I’ve been excited, planning an outfit, even if I haven’t bought anything yet.” In October, Lillian described the trip she is most excited about, Disneyland as a late birthday gift, especially the Halloween theme and things going around the park. Her family has planned the trip, and she has been thinking about this for a very long time. Blackwell said, “I do hope to have fun, and I’m hoping to travel there for some excitement!” 

Senior Pranati Ryali is the most excited for next summer. She is the most excited because she wants to go to India and visit her family. “Every summer, me and my family fly to India. It takes twenty-four hours to get there.” For her summer break, she hopes to travel to India, Disneyland, Universal Studios, New York, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, and Go Karting. Ryali said, “I am most interested in any upcoming Indian and English movies, those are very exciting.” 

Teacher Alfred Pratt is the most excited for Christmas. He thinks about it three times a year, even in non-winter months. He’s planning this year to visit Oahu, Hawaii to visit family members, including his mother, sisters, brothers, and nieces/nephews. Pratt said, “Although expensive, I think a trip to Hawaii would be worth it. The memories would last a lifetime.” Mr. Pratt would also be baking as well, he and his wife would be making cookies, cinnamon rolls, and cakes. Pratt said, “One movie that I was excited to see was Denzel Washington’s new movie called the “Equalizer III!” 

Senior Jordan Hernandez is the most excited for Halloween. He started thinking about this holiday at the start of September, and what to dress up as. He would also be visiting Idaho this year to see family that he hasn’t seen in years. Hernandez said, “I think it’s going to be pretty fun since they made a new house and got a cool cat.” Hernandez also wants to try and cook soufflé pancakes and decorate his room with a couple more things. Hernandez said, “The movie that I’d like to see would be Five Nights at Freddy’s without a doubt.” 

Teacher Kevin Adams is looking forward to Halloween this year. His kids love the decorations and candy, and he is the most excited for them to have fun. Adams wants to travel to The Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland. Adams said, “Might sound crazy, but I love going to hotels, and the Grand Californian is one of my favorites.” Adams wished he could sit in the lobby and read a book all day. Adams said, “If I could afford it, it would be awesome. Unfortunately the economy is not great right now, so I don’t see myself going on vacation anytime soon.”

Fright Fest/Horror Nights is so much fun! (Makayla Bell)
Another picture from Fright Fest/Horror Nights  (Makayla Bell)
Point Dume Beach (Summer) (Makayla Bell)
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Hi, my name is Makayla Bell. I live in Simi Valley and attend Royal High School. I am in the graduating class of 2024, my last year here, attending Royal. This would be the first Journalism class that I have ever taken, and I look forward to creating many stories to share with any future/upcoming readers. My hobbies are writing, reading, drawing, painting, and gaming. I love to be really inspired and to let my creative side flow. I have two cats and three dogs, and they are my everything. I love to go out and travel when possible because it gives me many opportunities to explore/visit new things that I haven’t encountered before. I love to talk and meet new people as well, I am very friendly and easygoing. I also have a weird sense of humor and love memes. After graduation, I am thinking of attending a college or trade school to either work on design or work with animals.

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