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The student news site of Royal High School

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The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

Thoughts on Homecoming 2023

Cecilia Almada
One of the many Homecoming posters being made by the leadership class.

Since the students found out about the theme of homecoming, the question is what does everyone think about it? 

Homecoming 2023 theme is… Magic Kingdom. 

What do students think about the homecoming theme? Seniors Jasmine Bravo and Breeanna Spencer both agreed, “We feel like they should change it, I mean it’s our last year. Why are we dressing up as Disney characters from a Disney movie?” But not all seniors agreed, senior Salena Zepeda said, “Yes, because I feel like it’s a unique theme. There’s so many options you can do like any color.” Freshman Issac Ramirez also said, “I think it’s a good theme since it’s my first year here and also because I like Disney.” 

So what do students want to wear based on the theme? Junior Kaleb Vazquez said, “Probably basic black pants, long sleeve button up. It’s cheap and it looks good enough for the occasion.” It is that easy, boys. Sophomore Payton Macuish said, “No, I haven’t decided yet what I’m wearing and I have ideas but I haven’t ordered anything yet.” So it is okay girls if you are not sure yet of what to wear.

If you have not yet bought your formal wear, here are some stores to shop at for dresses and tux suggested by students. Sophomore Morgan Will suggested, “Thousand Oaks Mall, there’s a variety of stores to shop for dresses. I got my dress from there.” Senior Wil Reyes said, “Macy’s, I feel like that’s where they got everything.” Freshmen Jessie Maclntrye said, “Topanga Mall, they have really nice dress shops.” Another Freshman Alex Zambrano said, “Ross, because its cheap and affordable.” 

Do students like Disney? Senior Jesus Nunez said, “Yes still do, because of the Cars movie.” Freshman Lidija Faubert said, “Yes, I’ve always watched Tangled growing up.” Junior Zach Nagy also said, “Yes, I’ve always watched it because of Toy Story.” What’s was your favorite Disney movie growing up?

The leadership class working on the homecoming posters. (Cecilia Almada)
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About the Contributor
Cecilia Almada, Editor-in-Chief
Hi, my name is Cecilia Almada. I am a 12th grader here at Royal High School. This is my very first year taking Journalism. Journalism has always been something I have wanted to take due to the fact of my passion for reading and writing. I most enjoy Journalism because I get to cover the most major events and most popular stories around Royal. After high school, I plan on attending college. After a few years I plan to attend a university and take classes in the law area because I plan on becoming a lawyer for the family department. In my free time, I enjoy spending my afternoons reading and making memories with my family and friends.

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