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The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

What is your favorite pet?

Makayla Bell
Makayla Bell holding one of her cats named Simba.

Everyone has a favorite thing, whether it is food, drink or even more.  One big question is what people’s favorite pet is, especially for our students.  Students have many different opinions and thoughts, and may even be afraid of certain animals, but overall, this brings a uniqueness to every single person.

Principal Michael Hall talked about his cats, and how much he loves his kitten.  They are lovely to be around. “They are low maintenance and pretty chill. So that works well for us,” Hall said. 

Senior Makayla Bell, who talked about her dogs and cats, and they usually hang around everywhere. “When I get older, I’d love to be a veterinarian, working with animals. I think it would be affordable since I’ll know what I’m doing,” said Bell, which shows her appreciation for animals.

Senior Thomas Warner, who spoke about one of his dogs, and said, “They are cute when they can be and protective when they need to be.” That shows enough about how they act, adding their names as Mac and Winton.  Their connection is shown by how long they have been together. 

Lastly, senior Josue Veronica talked about his dog Colossal and his cat Machete.  The two are very unique, “one wants to be next to them when they asleep, and the other hates that but allows it,” Veronica said, which can explain the sort of dynamic relationship. They hang out a lot in his room, and it seems that they are close to him as well.

Talking about these dynamics signifies how close people are to their pets, and how they work together and bring each other happiness.  These were only a few people, and there are many more people out there with love their pets, just as much as the next person.

Makayla’s only dog, sweet Bello!
(Makayla bell)
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About the Contributors
Lillian Blackwell, Reporter
Hello.  My name is Lillian Blackwell, I live in Simi Valley and go to school at Royal High School, graduating in 2024.  I enjoy Journalism because I get to write and talk to other people about interesting topics.  After I graduate, I plan to go to Moorpark College and possibly go through a musical major if possible during that time.  In my free time, I like relaxing, cats, and the beach.
Makayla bell, Reporter
Hi, my name is Makayla Bell. I live in Simi Valley and attend Royal High School. I am in the graduating class of 2024, my last year here, attending Royal. This would be the first Journalism class that I have ever taken, and I look forward to creating many stories to share with any future/upcoming readers. My hobbies are writing, reading, drawing, painting, and gaming. I love to be really inspired and to let my creative side flow. I have two cats and three dogs, and they are my everything. I love to go out and travel when possible because it gives me many opportunities to explore/visit new things that I haven’t encountered before. I love to talk and meet new people as well, I am very friendly and easygoing. I also have a weird sense of humor and love memes. After graduation, I am thinking of attending a college or trade school to either work on design or work with animals.

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