Continuing construction around campus

Completed construction is pulling together our campus in new ways. The modern choices of architecture are making the school look stunning.

Halle Scholbrock

Completed construction is pulling together our campus in new ways. The modern choices of architecture are making the school look stunning.

As we all know, campus construction has been going on for years in order for our school to adapt and update with the changing world. Lots of things have been completed and upgraded this school year. One of the major projects that’s now been reopened after being closed for a while is the MPR. It has been decked out with all new seating, lighting, and a stage for future highlander productions. The inside has lots of green to remind those unaffiliated with Royal that we are the Highlanders. Also, the flooring matches the outside pixelated pattern of the building. The foldable bleacher style seats are very comfortable and convenient for upcoming plays. Now the inside and outside of the building look phenomenal and the wait was worth it.

To pair with a new MPR our campus also needed a new ASB office. Previously, the ASB office was found in between the gym and MPR, but it has been moved into the same building as the MPR. You can find the entrance to the new office on the gym facing side of the structure. It looks phenomenal with an arc-like structure. The new band room will be found in the same location as before which is close to this new ASB office. It has not been completed yet, but should be done in the upcoming months.

Where the tables and benches once were outside the gym by the ASB patio there has been concrete seating added in replacement. It looks very sharp and modern, but they did keep some things like the big tree found outside the old ASB office. Unfortunately the stadium parking lot gate entrance to get into and out of school has been recently moved. Now students have to walk around the school to this newly constructed ASB office and exit near the gym. The old gate area has been fenced up and closed off. Senior Isabella Meza said, “Finding parking has been harder than ever since construction began.”

Despite this inconvenient route change the area between the seven and six buildings has been transformed as well. Instead of a large yard with gopher holes and ankle rolling hazards you can now sit on concrete seating. This is a more effective use of space because now there are more places for students to sit at lunch. Opening this area created new normal walkways to the buildings on the east side of campus. No more path obstructions on that side, but now the grass between the eight and five buildings is under construction. It is closed similarly to how the east side of campus was closed. To get to the ten or five buildings students must walk around the library or eight buildings to get access to these classes. Overall, lots of construction has been completed and there is much more to come.