The ‘Evening Of One Acts’

From February 23-26, our school collaborated with Sinaloa Middle School to present the Evening Of One Acts. Here the Sabers presented their act, ‘Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Middle School (But Were Too Busy Stuffed In A Locker To Ask.)’ Then there was a short intermission, then the Highlanders act of ‘Appropriate Audience Behavior’. This show took place in our new Multi-Purpose Room. Concessions were even available, providing a variety of snacks including popcorn, drinks, chips and other snacks, and lastly a large selection of candy. This started off the night right for audience members.

Soon, the show started off with small messages from different people of the theater administration. Then it went straight to the Sabers very humorous performance, already hinted from the long and hysterical name of their show, these junior high students showcased the different stereotypes of middle school. It showed extreme amusement taking twists and turns throughout this whole guide, turning it a story to remember for the audience. From the crazy and grumpy principle, to the extreme bear hunters, this show was an outburst of a journey for the audience.

Next, was a small intermission, which allowed the audience to connect with the middle school students, to get more refreshments and snacks, and a short break outside of their seats. Then, the anticipated Highlander presentation arrived. Though the name is simple, the show was far from that. This show presented comical and extremely relatable stereotypes to different audience members whenever watching a show. This performance followed two main characters who simply want to watch Hamlet for their school assignment, yet unfortunately encounter multiple different audience members who won’t seem to let them watch the show in peace. The show exaggerated many relatable aspects of watching a show providing a good laugh for viewers.

We see insight from freshmen Contessa Cunningham, who played Patty the Patron. Patty is a sad old millennial who simply wants to fit in my being cool, especially at “talxing,” a fictional trend where you text and talk simultaneously. Cunningham portrayed this character perfectly, and even shared her view of other characters in this show as well. She said, “One of the great things about the play was the diverse characters played.” Cunningham also shares her experience behind the scenes, and said, “I truly enjoyed seeing everyone bond despite their age groups, and make out such diverse characters.” This shows that not only this show was a joy to watch, it was a joy to create as well.