Legacy bricks


Chelsei Silva

The new ASB courtyard, where the legacy bricks plan to be used.

Chelsei Silva, Reporter

For this school year, seniors have the chance to leave their names on the school, using legacy bricks. These bricks are used as a way to commemorate loved ones, for special occasions, or maybe even to remember your own life’s legacy at the school. To leave your mark on Royal, literally.

The bricks can be personalized with your name, graduating year, the sport that you played, and the clubs you participated in. They range from the price of $200 to $350. The legacy blocks will be put out in our courtyard near the ASB office. The bricks are made up of four lines, each line may have a max of 15 characters per line. All 15 characters include all spaces, symbols, numbers, and letters. All inscriptions are subject to SVUSD approval. Mail order form and payment to Royal High School ASB. For more information please contact the ASB office at 805-306-4875.