Sweet and sour end to the rivalry

View from the student section as the smoke bombs went off in support of our varsity football team.

Serena Ceci

View from the student section as the smoke bombs went off in support of our varsity football team.

Serena Ceci, Reporter

The varsity football team’s loss [12-49] at our latest home game [September 2] against our rival school Simi Valley High School did disappoint some but did not ruin the spirits of the players nor the student section cheering in constant support throughout the entirety of the game. In difficult positions and even more difficult heat the royal players kept their cool and made a spirited comeback in the last quarter and gained a total of 12 points! 

How did the team themselves feel about the game? When asked how the team prepared for the game, senior player #44, senior Cody Lawrence said, “We prepared the way we would any other game. We take every game seriously and prepare to be the best we can be regardless of who we’re playing.” Lawrence also spoke about the whole team’s mindset going into the game when he said “We knew Simi was going to be a tough opponent, we went into the game with the mindset that we were going to win and do our absolute best.” When asked about the sportsmanship on the field Lawrence said, “Both sides played fair throughout the games and although tensions were high I’d say the game remained fair and sportsmanlike.” On the discussion of who scored points on our side, he said, “Our touchdowns were scored by our running backs Johny Sandwick and Gunner Osborne.” Coming out of the game Lawrence said the team “..felt defeated not physically but mentally. We used that opportunity to grow as a team and work on ourselves for our future league games.” As a last remark Lawrence said, “As for the future, Royal Football is made up of some dogs, and mark my words we will be going to playoffs this year and make history.” Staff and students alike are all so proud of our varsity team and can’t wait to see success at future games! Such as the homecoming game coming up on September 30!

The cheers in support of the team from inside the student section could be heard streets away. Let’s hear from senior Autumn Humphries about her experience in the student section at the class of 2023’s last rival game! When asked about what she enjoyed being in the midst of the student section she said, “They did a really good job of leading the crowd and making everyone energetic despite how the team was doing score-wise.” She also had to add when talking about activities of the student section, “The smoke bombs and baby powder they always do is fun! And I love seeing the pictures afterward” But when pondering the negatives of the student section, Humphries said, “I do wish it was more socially organized like last year, where seniors stood more at the front and it was almost layered in seating. It gave everyone more room when more people would stand in the back of the student section versus the last game.” Overall students are proud to be highlanders, and see football have a good season this year!