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The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

The student news site of Royal High School

Plaid Truth

Getting ready for prom

Cecilia Almada
Julian Gonzalez’s prom proposal to his date.

As the month of May enters you may be wondering what the seniors are doing to get ready for prom. What some students may call the upcoming weeks before “prom week” is called “pre-prom”. Pre-prom? What is pre-prom you may be thinking, pre-prom is the upcoming weeks before prom, more specifically the two weeks before prom, the preparedness of it all for the girls and the boys, our students. Well, have students gotten their dress yet? Senior Salena Zepada said, “I have my dress, I got my dress from amazon. Its black and I spent $20 on it.” Senior Bree Spencer said, “I have my dress, I got my dress from Macy’s, it’s red and I spent $100 something.” Senior Kassidy Crowther said, “I have got my dress I ordered it but it hasn’t came yet, I used the website Topbuy and my dress is black and it was $184.” Another senior Daniella Martinez said, “I have my dress, I got it from the fashion district in LA, my dress color is black and I spent $175.”  Black must be the new red when it comes to prom.

Have guys gotten their tux yet? Where did they get their tux? And did they rent or buy? Senior Casey Munnally said, “I have got my tux, I got my tux at Working Gear, its bright lime green with question marks on it. Got it from my grandpa and I think he spent $130.” Senior Jordan Hernandez said, “I have my tux, I got my tux from Men’s Wardrobe, it’s gray and it was about $200.” Another Senior Oscar Villeda said, “I have my tux, I got my tux a year or two ago, its’ blue, I don’t remember if rented it then bought it.” Senior Walid Antabtawi said, “I have my tux, it’s black, it was my dad’s. It was about $250.” Design’s on tux? That is how to be unique.

Ladies looking for a place to get your manicure and pedicure for prom? Senior Natasha Callender said, “I’m getting my nails and toes done at Olivia’s in Simi, I’m thinking of getting the color pink.” Senior Emely Almanza said, “I’m gonna get my nails done at Passion Nails, French tip glitter are the best!” Another Senior Kassidy Crowther said, “I’m getting my nails done at Olivia’s here in Simi. I’m doing some red nails.”

Now ladies looking for places to get your hair done for prom? Color dye or styled? Senior Skylar Yustis said, “I’m getting my hair done by Joanne Diede, she’s an at home stylists and she will be coloring my hair blonde with highlights.” Senior Kristha Oretga said, “I’m just getting my hair done here in Simi by my best friend’s mom.” Other places recommended by many students was the Luxe Salon Studio Spa, Supercuts and Sport Clips Haircuts of Simi Valley.

Last year for the 2023 prom the location was the Universal Hotel in Los Angeles, this year for the 2024 seniors the prom takes place at the Castaways in Burbank. What do the students think about this location for their senior prom? Senior Maria Martinez said, “My thoughts of it being in Burbank, I’m in hopes of seeing some celebrities and well known people.” Senior Patrick Kelly said, “I think it’s a nice location, it is a bit far but I would prefer somewhere closer.” Senior Logan Wagner said, “It’s far and it’s an alright location I think we could’ve had a better location for our prom.” Another Senior Dominick Arce said, “I looked it up and its really nice it looks really fancy.”

How will students be arriving to prom? Senior GiAnne Banuelos said, “I’m going on a party bus with all of my friends.” Senior Jose Martinez said, “I’m going on a party bus there and back with my friends.” Senior Anthony Fabian said, “I’m driving in my car with maybe a date.” Another senior Trenton Shelton said, “I’m either driving or getting a party bus with all my friends.” What a way to travel to their senior prom!

How are students asking each other out for prom? Senior Emily Syed said, “I was asked out by my boyfriend from Santa Susana. He took me to the beach after school and he asked me with a homemade sign and with flowers.” How sweet! Senior Julian Gonzalez said, “I asked my teacher Mrs. Clark if she could let me use her room to ask my prom date to prom and I decorated her class room after school with my mom, we put flowers and candles and a big sign that asked her to go to prom with me.” How romantic! Multiple senior students recommended to use the app Tik Tok to find inspiration. Senior Elijah Serrano said, “It’s simple, all you do is go in the repost of the girl your trying to ask and more than likely you find exactly how she wants to be asked.” You heard it boys, look in the reposts of their Tik Tok account.

What can the seniors look forward for at their prom? Assistant Principal Patricia Myszkowski said, “Well it’s going to be a great meal and a beautiful venue and one of the last moments they get to hangout with their Royal friends. The DJ is gonna be vibing, it’s everyone favorite DJ Gille. His name on social media is Classix.” The countdown till prom begins, seniors should have a great time this year at prom!

The poster used to ask Emily Syed to go to prom (Emily Syed)
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Cecilia Almada
Cecilia Almada, Editor-in-Chief
Hi, my name is Cecilia Almada. I am a 12th grader here at Royal High School. This is my very first year taking Journalism. Journalism has always been something I have wanted to take due to the fact of my passion for reading and writing. I most enjoy Journalism because I get to cover the most major events and most popular stories around Royal. After high school, I plan on attending college. After a few years I plan to attend a university and take classes in the law area because I plan on becoming a lawyer for the family department. In my free time, I enjoy spending my afternoons reading and making memories with my family and friends.
Emily Syed
Emily Syed, Editor-in-Chief
I am a senior here at Royal High School and this is my first year of journalism. I have been playing beach volleyball here for the last two years and it has been such an amazing experience. In my free time, I like to read and hang out with my friends. I am excited to write for the Plaid Truth and explore deeper into my school's community!

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