It’s bleeding green and gold


Yumnah Shoaib

The 7-building display with RHS v. SVHS tournaments, as well as a guide to the spirit days.

In order to celebrate the last Simi v. Royal games, leadership planned a green and gold dress-up day on Thursday, April 13. A sum of students decked out for one last time, especially those playing against the rival school in the coming weeks.

However, not as many students dressed up as they did for previous spirit days- and especially as the last green and gold day. Some students even went as far as to say they didn’t know that there was a spirit day, and others reported that they didn’t know it was today. Sophomore Darlene Diaz said, “I forgot there was a spirit day, I feel like there were barely any posts about it.”

Usually, Highlanders can find a poster for spirit day on the wall of the 7 building. However, today there was a lack of decorations and students dressed for the day. Speaking on the lack of participation, senior Maddie White said, “I don’t think a lot of people participated in the green and gold day, in the past, there’s been a trend that there’s less participation in the second semester…people are usually more excited for football and will dress up for that. Last semester people went all out but now the participation is lackluster and I hope the incoming freshman can change that.”

For more information about special events or spirit days, check @the.royalkingdom on Instagram, and the Royal Decree sent out to the student and parent emails, as well as being part of the school website.