Senioritis is in the air

A graduating senior with senioritis thoughts.

Serena Ceci

A graduating senior with “senioritis” thoughts.

Serena Ceci, Reporter

Senioritis is classified as decreased motivation toward studies which plagues seniors in high school. While many people shrug it off as something that happens to most seniors, this decrease in motivation can cost some seniors their scholarship money, entry into colleges of choice, and their self-esteem. 

What causes senioritis? Through research and conversations with seniors who have experienced senioritis, a list of four potential causes has been compiled as to why seniors experience the end of high school dread. 

Reason number one: Societal Pressure

Our culture is geared towards achievement and success, pushing many seniors to choose what path they want to go down in life such as picking a major in college or a career is a huge source of stress for seniors. If one finds themselves worrying too much about finding success so early on it can lead to stress and confusion. To avoid worrying about societal pressures and the idea of having to succeed so early on in life, seniors remind themselves that majors can be changed, jobs can be changed, and you aren’t stuck with whatever you choose for the rest of your life.

Reason number two: Goal Pressure

Often students and parents see high school education as the means to achieve some goal, get into college, get straight A’s, graduate with the most chords, etc, instead of focusing on education as a whole. High school is about learning what you can now in order to be a better member of society as an adult, to avoid feeling symptoms of senioritis focus on how much you’ve grown compared to your freshman self, and how much you will continue to grow past this phase of your life.

Reason number three: Learning Styles

When different styles of learning go unnoticed by faculty or the high school curriculum class material can feel boring, especially after three years of class material it can feel repetitive. As a senior, find ways in order to add creativity to your assignments in order to increase motivation to complete them.

Reason four: Fear

The fear of ending this phase of your life as a senior and transitioning to life as an adult can feel daunting, entering adulthood you have more control over your own life and schedule than you’ve ever had before. With adults telling high schoolers life only gets harder from this point on, many can struggle with the fear of life beyond school. To seniors feeling scared of moving on, remember the most amount of freedom you’ve ever had is coming up, and that your life moving forward is entirely your own to choose.

Lastly, hearing from an actual senior, Kayla Lopez said, “My mental health does struggle when I think about everything that will change and that more responsibilities will be placed onto me after high school.” At the end of the conversation, she said, “It’s definitely going to be weird to transition from what I know as normal, essentially the last 12 school years of my life into something bigger and better, but also less forgiving.”