A freshman and senior view of high school


Savannah Downes

Senior Shya Samadani and Freshman Kate Whittaker bonding in the quad during their free third period.

Savannah Downes, Reporter

In high school, you undergo experiences that shape who you are and who you want to become. During the said journey, you gain valuable insight into yourself. 

From the perspective of Lucas Medina, a senior who has been a part of the school life for four years said, “Experience-wise over my high school career, I have to say it started out pretty rough. Especially freshman and sophomore years, when I was facing struggles to socialize. I had the intention to socially keep up with my friends and try to find my place both in and out of school, but it was to no avail. Quarantine only made my relationships diminish to greater extents, with me only talking to friends about schoolwork. Those two years just came and went, I was the same person I have been for my entire life, a clever, observant student, who just never spoke his mind. When junior year rolled around, I asked myself if I wanted to stay in the exact same place I have been for the past couple of years, and I thank my past self for saying no. That’s when I started reconnecting with once-lost friends and making a lot more new ones. Transitioning more and more into the person I am today. As a result of my break from social solitude, I started playing bigger parts in my extracurriculars, joining more clubs, volunteering more, and spending more quality time with friends. All of these led me to where I am today in my senior year as ASB President, NHS president, Link Crew Leader, Varsity Swimmer, and a board member of two other on-campus clubs. In short, I made a choice for the better and I urge others to seek your ambitions because more often than not they will be rewarded.”

From the freshman class of 2026, a new addition to the highlander family Hudson Hahn said, “I would like to achieve a decent GPA and be involved in a couple of extracurricular activities to strengthen my college application. I don’t feel like I have experienced much in high school but there is still time for me to complete my goals.” 

These people, whether freshmen or seniors are passionate in their views about this school.