Toy drive helps to create a ‘Spark Of Love’


Priyal Choudhary

A Spark Of Love donation box in the staff lounge with a few presents inside next to a decked up Christmas tree.

In this season of giving, some children don’t get to be excited to wake up to presents under their tree. But this Spark Of Love toy drive can help them experience this absolute warm feeling. This act will give the unfortunate a beautiful ‘Christmas miracle’, spreading joy in their trying times.

Marine Core League of Simi Valley is hosting the Spark Of Love toy drive and distributed boxes all around Simi Valley, and AFJROTC partnered with Marine Core League to host this toy drive at our school in efforts to help. Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC) is an elective program for students. Master Sergeant Johnson is the main administrator for this program, dedicated to help students learn and have fun. Johnson speaks about this effort of giving, and said, “Our mission in ROTC is to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community and this Spark of Love toy drive is one example of serving our community.” ROTC is doing their best to help kids have a special day in the holidays, and their efforts are shown and appreciated. 

Spark of Love is hosted in Simi Valley by Marine Core League, and the proceeds will go to the Ventura County Fire Department, who will eventually give these gifts to children in need, helping them experience the holiday joy in this Christmas season. Anyone can participate in this act of goodness, and one small toy, one small token of kindness, could change a child’s life by helping them experience a moment of happiness. Toys can be donated by placing them in donation boxes from Spark Of Love, which are currently placed around the school, with one in the ASB Lobby and one in the staff lounge.

Johnson shares that though this drive had a, “slow start,” it is “going well now” from the “participation of the students at this school.” Johnson also speaks out about this act of kindness, he said, “I think it’s a great opportunity for us to think about the less fortunate in this time of year, and every time of the year, and its great to spread holiday cheer.” As you can see, this toy drive is not only helping unfortunate children in need, it is a act of kindness from you, to help them experience a ‘Spark Of Love’. You can help by buying and bringing a new toy and placing it in a toy drive box, and this act of kindness can help many if we all work together. Help those in need by spreading holiday cheer, through kindness and giving.