Glamorous Red Carpet Senior Dinner


Yumnah Shoaib

Senior winners for chatterbox, travel the world, most likely to be late, and stand in for royal jester

Senior Dinner was a nice get-together for all the seniors, and a chance to win “The Best” at something for your class of 23.  Senior dinner was held on November 2 at 6 p.m. in the campus quad. The theme was Drip Too Hard/Red Carpet and students were encouraged to dress like celebrities. The most recreated celebrities were, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Harry Styles. Other celebrity dress-ups included; Princess Diana, Ashley Tindale, and Taylor Swift. 

The food the school provided was from Stonefire Grill and the pre-made boxes included: Chicken, mashed potatoes, and salad. There was also a selection of cold sodas and cookies for dessert. The event was planned by Senior Class President Alex Karten and Senior Advisor Mrs. Keri Lev. The host for the evening was Kevin Bautista along with help from Miranda Martinez in handing out awards. As the festivities began, students were invited to play a game of musical chairs and the winner of that was Bella Grech. 

Senior winners were:

Best Eyes- Meelad Zarrabi, and Haylee Wise

Best car- Dylan McElroy, and Ryan Gomes

Most Likely to always be late- Jaden Tran, and Kareem Baraket

Best hair-  Jennifer Bautista, and Mackenzie Tabora

Life of the party- Mikhal King-Thomas, and Valerie Montalvo

Most Spirited-Kevin Bautista, and Bella Grech

Sweet as sugar- Evan Nagy, and Joy Oh

Best Style- Christian Rodriguez, and Jonathan Martinez

Most likely to be a celebrity- Maddie White, and Trevor Hansen

Most creative- Hannah Tran, and Brooke Denham

Forget-me-not- Andrea Muoz Martinez, and Maddoz Montolfo

Cutest couple- Hope Gonzalez, and Owen Muench

Chatterbox- Fryda Salguero and Larissa Arteaga

Royal Jester- Bradley Mandell, and Joseph Ferguson

Highlander Heartthrob-  Garrett Patenaude, and John Goss 

Best Smile- Zack Moses, and Kely Reyes

Should’ve Been Sisters- Maddie White, and Danielle Jones

Best Bromance- Kevin Bautista, and Meelad Zarrabi

Most likely to travel the world-  Michael Singh, and Yumnah Shoaib

Class Mom/Dad -Josh Paul, and Sergio Isiordia

Most Likely To Be a Royal Staff Member- Kaylie Levasseur, and Alex Karten

Genuine Genius- Mark Hamilton, and Issac Zachariah

Most Likely To Be Found At The Gym-  Evan Fields, and Jamal Amilee