A step in the right direction, SPF 805


Emma Gonzalez

Senior Hope Gonzalez standing with juniors Sofia Berry, Bailey O’Connor, and Zoe Misiowiec to model SPF 805 hoodies near the beach.

Priyal Choudhary, Editor-in-Chief

SPF 805 is a company dedicated to help the coral reefs in our oceans through funding from selling merchandise, all coming from senior Hope Gonzalez. Gonzalez grew up spending her summer breaks on a trip to Hawaii. She and her family would always go back to the same places they visit and snorkel and see the coral reefs. Gonzalez mentions that every time she goes back, she notices the reefs drastically change, getting white and polluted as well as destroyed and not bright beautiful ones she has grown up seeing on T.V. Soon, when Gonzalez started in middle school, she started to research and found what was happening to the once living reefs in Maui. 

Then, over this past year, Gonzalez had an inspiration to open a company, to educate others as well as to help fix the coral reefs in the oceans. Gonzalez states, “Even though we don’t see the coral reefs as much as you would in more tropical places, they are still there. They are the reason we have a healthy ocean.” Gonzalez is passionate and dedicated to teaching people the reality of what is happening to our oceans and how they can help. 

Gonzalez wanted to start her business last year, but did not know how to start. She even secretly hoped schools would go back to teaching online so she would have more time to build her franchise. But when schools came back to in-person in full swing, she found herself how to create a website, logos, and other fundamentals for her business. Her parents had no prior knowledge, hence limiting Gonzalez to the internet for the basics. It took her a few weeks, but Gonzalez had soon finished her website as well. Soon, came the fun part, designing her clothing merchandise. Gonzalez shares, “I created all my designs myself, like I love more of the lighter pastel colors, and so I picked a lot of those for my first launch based on the stuff I like.” This company is personal and important to her, and her hard work and effort shows that this is worth it.

Since Gonzalez is a senior, she will be moving to bigger things in the future, such as college. When asked if she would consider continuing her company for college, Gonzalez said, “Oh yeah, I have been one who always wanted to go far and try something new in college, but now to be by the ocean, I am only applying to schools in Southern California, by the water, which is also close to home to continue my business, and so I will definitely continue what I am doing in college.” Gonzalez hopes to make it far with her business and so far, it seems to happen as such. 

Today, Gonzalez’s company flourishes with improved merchandise that is trendy and captures a crowd. SPF 805 currently sells hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, tank tops, bucket hats, stickers, and now is expanding to sweats, shorts and more. Something new and exciting coming up is new apparel coming out in the winter! There will be completely new designs and even a newer logo than the one she has now. Gonzalez is super excited for this upcoming launch, and has even created a limited edition hoodie that will only go to the first two people that buy it. For more updates on the launch date, new apparel, and limited edition hoodie, check out SPF 805 through Instagram (@spf_805), TikTok (@spf805), and through their website (www.shopspf805.com). 

Gonzalez has great support from her friends and family, and through this she seems to have created a wonderful cause to help the reefs in the oceans. She is currently working on a donation to Maui through her company to help more reefs. Gonzalez has spoken about her work through a Brown Bag Lunch, speaking of her experience, decision making, and choices she had to make to be where she is today. She hopes to put out more merchandise to expand her business further. She is an inspiration and Gonzalez will continue to grow and continue her wonderful franchise.