Hello to our new Assistant Principal


Faith Arceo

Assistant Principal, Ms. Reina Zapata, busy at work in her new office.

Faith Arceo, Reporter

As the new school year begins, we welcome many new staff members, like our new assistant principal, Ms. Reina Zapata. Zapata plans on integrating the EL department and welcoming new EL students to the campus with the knowledge and experience she has within that program.

Zapata has worked within the district of being an English teacher for close to 15 years. Teaching at schools such as Hillside Middle School, Santa Susana High School, and even Royal High School prior to her becoming Assistant Principal. Even though Zapata is no stranger to being a faculty at Royal, she also is a Royal alumni! “Having already made connections at the school and working here as a teacher, I always believed in helping my community and giving back and Royal just seemed the perfect place to do that,” said Zapata. 

“I believe it’s super important to show that a person of ethnic background can grow in a community and have a position of power in education, making others feel at home is super important to me and being able to make those connections with students and have that impact on them,” Zapata added.

Although Zapata has a lot on her plate with all the new changes taking place on campus and with students, she still strives for more and wants to ensure that all students feel a part of this community and benefit from all opportunities regardless of background.