Improv Club


Emily Montalvo

Sophsmores Krystal Waters and Victoria Kahoe acting out an interrogation scene.

Emily Montalvo, Editor-in-Chief

Sophomores Sophie Cano and Krystal Waters wanted to create a club that was fun and would be a break from the rigor school work. So, they decided to create a club that was just that, fun and a break from the realities of school. They both really enjoyed improvisation so they created an Improv Club for students who love theater, acting, improv and just having a good time. Cano and Waters created the club last spring of 2022, with the thought that clubs need to be fun.

Waters said, “Sophie and I co-run the club when one of us is unable to attend the other runs it, and we make decisions about the club together.” They meet every other Friday, in Mrs. De Oliviera’s classroom, 7-21, during lunch. Anyone can join! The club mostly plays improvisation games during lunch. Even if you don’t think you would enjoy it, you should definitely come to give it a try! When Cano asked what she loves about their club the most she said, “I love how it’s a fun place for people to meet new friends and new people, it’s also a great way to improve your social and acting skills.”