Rainy days


Jaimy Blas

Junior Jasmine Gonzalez tried to get out of the lunch line, but on the way out stepped on a muddy spot which was left by the rain.

Residents of Simi Valley have recently experienced their rare days of heavy rain. Every individual feels a certain way about rainy days if it can be a good thing or not, how it can affect daily routines, and how it can change someone’s mood. It can also affect students in completing outdoor activities.

For students, most have said it makes it difficult to wake up due to the cold weather and rainy sky. Getting to school can also be more difficult for students who drive to school or parents dropping their kids off due to the slippery floors, students having to be dropped off closer to the school to avoid getting wet from the rain, people driving slower to be safe, but making students arrive late.

“I barely arrive at school on time every day because of my siblings and having to drop them off at a different school, but when it’s raining I usually arrive late because there’s extra traffic and my mom drops my brother and me on the dropoff line since she doesn’t want us to get wet,” said junior Kendal Alvarenga.

Students who play sports are usually affected by the rain as well. Everyone has their personal opinion about rain during sports. Students on the soccer team have reported that during soccer season, the rain did not stop them from playing, and they have played in the rain a couple of times now. Players have also reported that playing in the rain can be different, and there can be many challenges and struggles. For example, some of the challenges they faced were the ball moving way faster because the ground is wet and the ball tends to move quicker, it being harder for the goalies to catch the ball, and the touches on the ball having to be more precise. They also said the school has never canceled a game, the only chance of them canceling would have to be because of lightning or thunder. Senior soccer player Alexandra Karten said, “In my opinion playing in the rain can be fun in its own way.”

Although the rain has come down hard in the past weeks, the plants and greenery around town have flourished and the city has started to look like spring.