Cheer hard at work

Brooklyn Cirocco, Reporter

Cheer has been working hard since the start of school. They put in so much effort at our football games and putting on exciting halftime shows!  Let’s give a shout out to our cheer team! “I’m so excited for the rest of cheer season, and for all of the fun we’ll have at the football games,” said junior Delainey Werber, varsity team member.

Our cheerleaders have been training all summer, under the direction of head coach Becky Herrera, at cheerleading camp to prepare for the halftime shows at the football games.  They train vigorously to prepare for the games. They are highly skilled in tumbling, stunting and dance.  They showcase their athleticism and physical strength on the field. 

We can see them “wow” the crowd at every game with their fabulous choreography and excellent teamwork. The cheer team members are the promoters of our school and they help create our “school spirit.” They are highly committed and dedicated to their team.  They are the true leaders of our school.  They shine in green and gold. They are Royalty!