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The Pit Club

Adan Arroyo
An expressive club full of different arts of punk rock and metal music. Club members Justin Aguirre, Natalie Perez, Mike Beatty, and Arden Perez-Stackhouse.

During lunch the Pit Club meets together at different areas around campus. This club was entirely created to play guitar with friends and discuss new music, also sharing new music. You also listen to music with other people and the entire point is to create a community around metal and punk rock for our school. The Pit Club has lots of goals and, “The main thing we wanna do is spread music of songs people haven’t heard before”  said junior Justin Aguirre.  Junior Natalie Perez said regarding the club goal, “My goal is to be able to organize as many things as possible to bring alternative people together,” so not only to spread music but to bring alternative people together who enjoy music.

The schedule for the Pit Club is easy going and so it is flexible. Junior Mike Beatty said, “In the pit club there’s lots of favored bands that members love and lots of different music.”

“Bands like Dystopia,”  are what Aguirre likes. “An extreme metal band. As well as bands like “the garden” are what Natalie Perez enjoys, an experimental rock band.

“There are lots of reasons to join the Pit Club such as it being an opportunity to learn something new outside the school curriculum,” said Beatty.  “The Pit club is also for people who are similar to us, and who love music as much as us. Some people know more bands than others and you can learn more music while being in the club as well,” said Aguirre.

The Pit Club is a place where you can expand your music taste, especially if you like metal and punk rock. The club is open to anyone who enjoys music and it is great if you want to expand your music and knowledge of it. 

This is the flyer handed out by Pit Club for students to join. (Adan Arroyo)
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My name is Adan Arroyo, I am in 12th grade and I have a passion for writing and always have. I like to play games and go swimming in my free time as well as read. Once I move on out of high school I plan on going to Moorpark Community College for two years until I find out what I really wanna major in and have an interest in and then I want to go to a 4-year college to major in the thing I become passionate about. I am a very kind and sweet person to everyone and very understanding. I’m a very creative person as well, who likes art as well as decorating.

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