Music at your hands

Viviana Alamillo, Reporter

Ms. Bethany Uko is our school’s piano teacher. She has been playing piano for 23 years. Uko began at just the small age of six. When asked why playing piano is special to her, Uko responded with, “Playing piano is special to me because it is such a beautiful instrument to listen to and to play. It’s always been there for me as an outlet to create and to release stress and emotion in life’s ups and downs. I love sharing that with others.”

Uko began teaching private piano lessons ten years ago at 19 years old, but she started teaching at our school just five years ago. Uko knew that she wanted to become a piano teacher because of a piano teacher that she had. “I had a piano teacher named Debbie who changed the way I viewed music and piano. Her approach was so compassionate and driven by love of both music and people. I knew that I wanted to make others feel the way Debbie always made me feel. That music was not just a skill to be taught, but a way to touch people’s lives in a positive way! That is the reason I’m a music teacher.”

She is doing just that! Uko is touching students lives in a positive way through piano and music. If you practice the songs you are given and test them for her, you will succeed in her class.