Proposal season is upon us


Yumnah Shoaib

Senior Jack Kirkpatrick asking his girlfriend to homecoming with a Taylor Swift reference.

Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief

With the emergence of fall foliage and a growing chill in the air, proposals have begun to pop up. Everywhere you look, left and right, up and down, there is another person popping the irresistible question. Students often take a creative approach, as opposed to the basic “will you go to homecoming with me” when asking their significant other or friend to this dance. Some ideas are centered around modern songs, movies, and books, while others are related to a memory or place. There have been a lot of proposal ideas that revolve around the popular chain restaurant Chick-fil-a, popular musicians like Steve Lacy and Taylor Swift, and some that revolve around sports. An example of a proposal that has been circulating around the school in different variations is  “You’re the only CHICK I want to go to homecoming with.” Another is, “Can we party like it’s 1989 at homecoming?” 

Need some inspiration? Senior Nathan Martinez walks us through the steps of making a proposal. “To begin with, figure out what the person you want to ask is interested in. The second step is to search through Pinterest/Tiktok for proposals or to check the lyrics of a song if you want to use one. The third step is to ask the person out!”

Last but not least, purchase your tickets on after giving your permission slip to ASB.