New at the Plant Manager’s office


Paola Bautista

Ms. Martinez excited to spend another day at work.

Paola Bautista, Reporter

We welcome a new member to the family. Ana Martinez is new this year and is the plant manager’s assistant. Martinez’s duties include scheduling rooms for meetings and tutoring, sports getting their practices, making sure everyone is organized, etc. Martinez started in June of this year. Prior to working here, Martinez has worked in the IBI in Simi Valley, has office experiences, as well as experience as a parent educator.

Martinez has not worked with us before, but chose to because she heard good things and thought it would be fun to work at a high school. Martinez wanted more hours because she’s a single mom and decided to apply for this position. She absolutely loves her job and interacting with people. “Don’t sell yourself short, and reach for what you want,” Martinez added for her advice on students looking at careers. Her boss, Mr. Sandy Watson, has been the plant manager for eight years now. Watson became a custodian in ‘93 and attended Simi High School when he was younger. Watson’s been a highlander for 29 years now. Together they help make our school clean, safe, and organized.