Chnge4Womens’ new addition, Code Red


Yumnah Shoaib

Student promoting the Chnge4Women organization at Club Rush.

Club Rush came to an end last week, and most organizations had an influx of students join their roster. 

Specifically, Chnge4Women, a woman-run club that is focused on the women’s empowerment movement got a little over 100 new students in the club this year. 

Chnge4women was introduced to the school in the 2021-2022 school year, under Mrs. Jennifer Letus’ administration. Previously the club generally spoke about women’s rights, protests, and historical women, and even organized the powderpuff game. With the new president, Yumnah Shoaib, the club has morphed to also include Code Red. Code Red is a period equity club, formerly created at Simi Valley High School that sends care packages to women’s shelters. Over the pandemic, Code Red sold jewelry nationally to raise money for supplies to send to shelters in Los Angeles, and had a stand at Lemon Park, in Simi Valley where club members got together to assemble the packages and sell more jewelry. This year, Chnge4Womens’ mission is to create a sort of gender equity on campus, and become more impactful and embedded into the school culture. Vice President, Larissa Arteaga said, “I want to make Royal more inclusive and welcoming for all students.” 

Make sure to come to the first meeting, on September 13, in Mrs. Letus’ room at lunch.