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Plaid Truth

Stress Week

Alex E., Opinion Editor

January 30, 2018

During the last week of the first semester, winter finals were held. Royal High School’s campus became a congregation of super stressed students and teachers. Due to finals, the entire school had a different atmosphere than...

Whats Trending

Aleena A., Online Editor

January 30, 2018

Piercings have always been a unique style that teens have taken an interest in. They get piercings anywhere from ears to tongues. "They're cute but if you have a lot, sometimes it looks tacky," said freshman E. Valencia. The most...

Merry Melodies

Fabian P., Opinion Editor

January 30, 2018

The choir had an excellent performance at this year’s winter concert that took place at the United Methodist Church on December 13th. The songs that were being sung were for the most part Christmas songs to try and get people...

Survivors share their stories

Jordyn R., Sports Editor

January 30, 2018

On December 11, 2017, Holocaust survivors Bob Geminder and Gabriella Karin spoke at Royal High School. They spoke to the students about their lives during World War II. They discussed their individual experiences of doing whatever...

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The Plaid Truth Staff

January 16, 2018


What’s Trending

Aleena A./Jackie H., Online Editor/Photographer

December 5, 2017

Girl Trends  Although they are specifically targeted by the dress code, tube tops have recently been worn by many teen girls. They are styled or worn with jackets to make them school appropriate. Sophomore J. Guzman said, ...

What’s Trending

Aleena A./Jackie H., Online Editor/Photographer

October 24, 2017

Girl Trends Mom jeans have recently become a popular trend for teen girls. Within the past few months, love for these jeans have severely increased. Many girls wear these jeans daily. M. Ansaldo, freshman, said, "Mom jeans...

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