Dunking into the New Year

Emily Montalvo, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, January 13, the Highlander girl’s basketball team went up against our long-time rivals Simi Valley High. The game had some major highlights with JV having lost with a score of 39-24 and Varsity lost with a score of 52-36. However, the games were so much fun to watch. Senior Andrea Muñoz, team captain and power forward number 25 had recently sprained her ankle which kept her sitting on the sidelines for two weeks before she can return to her position. However, according to Muñoz during this difficult time, the team has stepped up, “I am very proud of the varsity team, they were able to adapt after I got injured, especially Angelina Robbins. Angie was able to step up during this time, after all, I believe it was finally her time to shine. She brings so much to the team with her quickness and amazing post moves.” With this being said, it’s proven that our girl’s basketball team is filled with skilled, talented, and powerful players. However, Muñoz also said, “Our main problem has been not being able to play without confidence, confidence is what will determine how we will play. During practice the girls play with confidence, we show our true talent during practice and not games, this is probably because we are not comfortable playing against different players.”

Throughout the rivalry game, there were several girls that performed very well, shooting many points for our school. One shooter who seemed to stand out was point guard Elena Ferrera, shooting incredible three-point shots throughout the game. Muñoz describes the team as her second family, “I love my team, we are always having fun and lifting each other up. As one of the team captains, I feel like a part of my job is to cheer on the girls, whether it’s when I’m playing or sitting out due to an injury I will always be their number one fan & cheerleader.”