Nate Hernandez-Hamburger, Reporter

Girl’s golf season was not only filled with laughs and smiles but tons of personal victories as well. Led by their mighty leader, coach Rich Letus, they had a strong finish to the league and just missed out on playoffs. He was just so happy to be out again after their short and stressful COVID-19 season. Although the record says 13-8, Coach Letus firmly believes that the record doesn’t correctly portray the girls. He is very proud of the team and even more proud of the seniors. He believed Amber Robinson, Brooke Houghton, Sarah Aliolli, Lanna Chop, and Lana DelRosario did a fantastic job of leading the younger team and teaching them the “Highlander” way. Although he passionately loves coaching baseball, he couldn’t be happier out there on the course with the team.

“I know they didn’t get the results they wanted, but this was still a season with a lot to be proud of. I’m most proud and appreciative of the seniors. They took all the underclassmen under their wing,” said Letus.

When players were asked about their junior year versus their senior year, they were much happier with the conditions this year. Last year they couldn’t all be together and they had to share courses with the boys, making it much harder to get the practice in. Brooke Houghton, one of the senior leaders, expressed her respect and likeness of Coach Letus. She remembered being scared of him her freshman year, but can’t get enough of his dad jokes nowadays! She had some words of wisdom for the younger kids that will continue to play golf.

“At the end of the day, it’s just golf. It’s just a game at the end of the day. You are just hitting a ball with a stick and then chasing it. Don’t take it too seriously.”

Two seniors who were highly respected above all on this Highlander squad were Sarah Aliolli and Amber Robinson. They both brought great attitudes every day, leadership, and on top of that played well every game. Alioli Would go on to qualify for CIF for Coastal Canyon with her efforts this year in golf. Robinson was referred to as a great leader and even better teammate when I spoke with Coach A? and Coach Letus. She has a great character and would finish the season very strong, helping the team win some close games.