Swabbing for safety

Sophia Serrano, Reporter

Don’t waste time trying to find an accurate COVID-19 test when all you need is a trip to the library! The Simi Valley School District hosts a “Testing Center” program that is available to all Simi Valley schools, including Royal.

From 12:30-3:30 p.m. on Fridays, all students are welcome to get the voluntary free test in room 2-2. The PCR test is a nostril swab test that is done in 5 seconds or more. Results can be expected back within 24-48 hours through an immediate email from the district. Getting tested is also preferred if close contact with a positive COVID-19 holder has occurred.

Office Manager Ms. Harriet Hunsaker said, “I think the program is very good for people who need the validation that they aren’t sick.” A virus carrier may not participate in one of these testing days, due to the district highly encouraging you to stay home in order to make others feel safe. This program does not have an end date at this time, so confirming your well-being is a year-round opportunity. 

“With the situation going on I don’t see how getting a COVID-19 test is something to be scared or unsure of,” freshman and experienced Covid tester Daimian Carrillo said, “but more of a way to control how we can go back to living our normal lives again like I’d say everyone, would strongly prefer. As a matter of fact, I encourage people to get tested, this can assure that all students and teachers feel safer.” To start registration for the PCR test, going to our school website and following the link provided is essential. If any of the reasons listed above motivate you to get tested, Fridays at the library is the place to be.