Talk with your racket, play with your heart

Daisy Popick, Plaid Truth Editor

The sports scene this year has been very different from any of the past ones that have ever been seen. Despite many sports being unable to practice, both girl’s and boy’s tennis has been allowed to play this semester, with some added safety precautions of course. Although the girl’s tennis season was supposed to be a fall sport, they were unable to play because of the Covid level in our county. Luckily, as the spring season came around, our county’s numbers started to go down, and many restrictions given to the sports teams were lifted.
Besides only allowing four people on a court and the coaches having to wear masks, the teams have gotten a semi-normal season. Each team has been able to play with their partners and against other schools as well.
On April 23, the girl’s tennis team had a victory over Simi High School, with a score of 10-8 and even though Covid has affected the team greatly, they have still had a lot of parent support, as well as graduated teammates coming to support the team and cheering them on.
“Having some of our past teammates at our matches supporting us is really cool. Most of the time, once students graduate, the team never really gets to see them. When they come back, it is always fun to see them and catch up and talk about the season we have had,” said senior Amanda Florian, one of the team’s captains.
The boy’s tennis team this year has been focusing on their doubles play. The number one team, sophomore, Mark Florian and junior, Andrew Morse have been practicing and dominating the competition, having an 8-1 Set score from all of the schools the team has played so far.
All of the team’s coaches have been incredibly supportive and understanding of this year’s circumstances as well. “The match against Simi was definitely really stressful. I was on the last team playing and it was a really close game, but Coach Hixon did his best to motivate us and not stress us out,” said senior Kamryn Little. This year’s coaching has mainly been focused on supporting the teams and making sure this year is as fun as possible, especially for all of the graduating seniors.