Tutoring: how and why you should try it

Emely Martinez, Plaid Truth Staff

With the pandemic still going on, distance learning has become increasingly more challenging. Students may find it more difficult to learn the material they are learning and because of this, some students have to look for extra support, which can be found in tutoring. 


Tutoring is usually offered to students who would like an extra boost into fully comprehending a subject. Although, getting more help for a certain material outside of school can be costly and at times it can be inconvenient to have to pay per hour in order ti understand the material. Luckily, Royal offers these tutoring services for free and it might just be even better than outside tutoring. 

Getting tutored at school can be far more beneficial to students for multiple reasons. For one, it’s free of cost, and what is better than getting additional guidance for free? Apart from the fact that it’s free, students get better and more precise learning from tutoring because the tutors are students who are familiar with most of the teachers on campus and can provide insight into what is expected by them. Also, because tutors are students it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with new people, which may help students feel more comfortable and feel more apart of the school. “If I did need tutoring I’d probably just sign up for tutoring at school since it’s free,” said junior Summer Meeks. “I think it would be better for me also since I can meet new people while also learn more about a certain subject.”


Because of the pandemic and distance learning, new challenges have been created for the tutoring program. Enrolling now requires a few more steps when compared to when schools were open. Students now have to sign up for tutoring through a google form and attend Zoom meetings for tutoring after the enrollment process. “The new challenge we face with distance learning is that a student has to be proactive in signing up for tutoring,” said NHS advisor and math teacher, Susan Sciarillo. “During a regular school year, a student only had to show up in the CAS after school.” Fewer students would be interested in signing up for tutoring now because students might be confused as to how to sign up since it’s a different process in terms of enrollment and where to go to get more information. Also, some students may be hesitant to sign up since it’s harder to manage time now because of distance learning and their schedules may make it a challenge to be able to attend tutoring sessions. “I think students and teachers alike struggle with keeping track of our schedules and commitments, which affects students attending virtual tutoring,” mentioned Scriarillo. 

Enrolling doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you know where to get information from and where to sign up. The Royal Decree emails students weekly and students can find most of the information about what classes are offered and how to sign up for it through just the emails. You can also go to the school website and search “departments” to find more details. Once you’ve signed up you’ll get weekly emails sent to you with the Zoom link to join a tutoring session. Some teachers also have the Zoom links posted onto their google classroom or webpage on the school website. Students can also email NHS advisor/math teacher Susan Sciarilloor assistant principal, Aaron Dobson for specific course tutoring.