Popularity of Among Us

Kylee Rogers, Plaid Truth Staff

Among Us, which is a two-year-old game played worldwide, got popular in the United States in the summer of 2020 due to influencers, a sale, and a new update.

Among Us has been around since 2018. It was more popular on mobile devices until a 50% sale in February 2020 which added people’s exposure to the game. This led to their summer sale in 2020 on Steam where people were ready to buy the game which was the only effective sale for them (Bauer, 2020). 

The game is based on a sleepover party game called Mafia. You have one killer and everyone has to try and figure out who it is through an in-game group chat with the other players. In the game Among Us, players chat with each other to solve the mystery of who the imposter is, but there is a twist. The “crewmates” in the game can win if they finish their tasks before they are all killed by the imposter. 

“I think it would be less popular under normal circumstances,” said senior Ryan Abril. “I guess if it got old and no one wanted to play together it’d get boring and I’d stop.” 

At first, the game only had one map and you could only play with friends that were on the same network. With the newest update, the game contains more map options, easier online multiplayer, and an in-game chat that allows the players to talk during meetings. 

Before Among Us was popular in the United States, it had first gained popularity in Brazil and South Korea during June of this year. The first time it really got noticed in the United States, was by gamer YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Ninja promoting the game’s new update (Carless, 2020).