Benefits of being organized

Zachary Fuchs, Plaid Truth Staff

While some people have learned from experiences to keep organized, many still disregard the routine in everyday life. Having your room look like a mess takes attention away from your priority and focuses it on things that don’t matter nearly as much. Many don’t understand the importance of being tidy and how it can make the difference between turning in an assignment at 12 in the morning and 12 at night. 

Disorganization is a habit that has a greater impact on your mood than it does distract you. “Not having a clean work environment affects my mood more than my ability and focus to get the job done,” said Physical Education teacher Aaron Hardy. “But I guess when you think about it those can be correlated together.” Teachers can agree that cleaning up their workspaces helps them start the day on “a clean slate”. 

Some students feel the same way. Junior Ryan Daniel said, “Having a mess and knowing I need to clean after it later really gets in the way of me working, and it honestly just makes me want to procrastinate even more just knowing that finishing my main task won’t mean I’m done.”

The mood and emotions that people feel in an untidy environment is inaccurately described as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Though using this to describe the behaviors is incorrect, a study taken place in the University of British Columbia found that as much as 94% of people have had obsessive-compulsive related thoughts at any given time.

While organization has a positive impact on most people, some are unaffected by it- and think that being tidy actually gets in the way of finishing things! “Before computers I managed a group of investigators, we each had 200 open files. The investigators who had all the files in alphabetical order on their desk rarely were productive. The investigators who had messy desks were the ones who were most productive,” said Health teacher Sylvan Tauber. “You can’t break a case and send a bill to a client or write the great American novel if you spend all your time dusting off your trinkets.”