Welcome Coach Meek


Paola Bautista

Coach Meek ready for practice.

Paola Bautista, Reporter

We welcome Coach Tyler Meek as the new head coach for the boys basketball team. Meek is a full time firefighter for Los Angeles County. Prior to working with us, Meek worked six years at Simi High School as Assistant Coach, Head JV Coach, and Freshman Coach.

His coaching career began 20 years ago at the Boys and Girls Club, and he worked for about 15 years there. Meek got involved in the youth team and coached for the “Simi Valley Blue Devils’’ which are now the “Simi Valley Cougars.’’ Meek took the position as head coach because he wanted to coach for the community he grew up in, and wants to share what he knows about the game. It was exciting for him that he was familiar with the school and kids. Meek plans on bringing culture and excellence in the court, classroom, and community. Meek is most excited about having the opportunity to get involved in coaching the highest level of high school, as well as the intensity and pressure he enjoys at the varsity level.

During the first few practices, Meek thought it went well with both players and coaches excited, players seemed to respond well. “They hit the ground running at the first few practices,’’ Meek said, and they have built progress. They have brought an outside strength and conditioning coach for players to build up their strength and to prevent less injuries. Some things Meek discussed was on how he was going to make sure his team is successful included film on other teams, learning together to make plans, being competitive, having fun, and taking it seriously because expectations are high. Meek wants his players to have a mindset to compete, going in and trying to win, and to focus on details at practice. Meek sees himself staying with us for a long time. We hope Coach Meek and the boys basketball team have a great upcoming season.