The Kingdom rises for the football season


Yumnah Shoaib

October 8th, 2021 Royal vs Simi game

Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief

It is the beginning of the fall sports period and the football team has started their season. The Royal Valley won their away game with Birmingham High School, on Friday, August 19 by a score of 36-6 (JV) and 21-14 (Varsity). Following this victory, the team is scheduled to play Castaic High School on August 26 as the first home game of the season. Mateo Martinez, senior varsity player, said, “We’ve been preparing for this game and I feel confident that we will try our very finest.” Along with its track record of wins, Royal is known across the county for its enthusiastic student section. The class of 2023 is the only class to have attended a game pre-covid, which has caused concern regarding the traditions and spirit that normally accompanies the game. Speaking on this, senior, Danielle DeLeon said, “I’m excited for the student section this year, it’s a really great opportunity to talk to people, and listen to amazing music while throwing up baby power in the stands, I really enjoy chanting “I believe that we will win” during the game, it gives our school a sense of community as we do it for most, if not all games; I’m really happy that Kevin is running the student section this season because he has a lot of new ideas, that I hope are incorporated into the following school years.”

If this is an experience you’d like to have as a high school student, don’t miss the JV and Varsity games on Friday, August 26.

Additionally, a cross-town rivalry game will be held against Simi Valley High School the following week, on Friday, September 2nd, at the Royal Football Stadium. It’s been a long-running rivalry and the fans never fail to enjoy the games. This game is one you don’t want to miss. Let’s go, Highlanders!