Girls golf teeing off

Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief

We’re back with girls’ golf this season. The program has been led by Coach Richard Letus in conjunction with Mrs. Jessica Thompson and Stephanie Russo since the program’s inception. The girls are playing their first game at the Calabasas Country Club on August 25, with a lineup of star players; April Bienz, Mallory Diaz, Keira Del Rosario, Savannah Fryhoff, Mikayla Lev, and Cameron Michel. Mikayla Lev, a returning player said, “I’m really excited for this season and I can’t wait for all the matches, and to get to know all of the other girls on the team.” 

Former Varsity Girls Golf player, Stephanie Russo has been an assistant coach for six years. In response to a question about her feelings about getting new recruits for the team, Russo said, “I’m excited about all the new girls who will have opportunities this season, I’m happy everyone gets the ability to play a match.” Historically, the girls’ team has had many players and continues to be one of the largest teams in the Coastal Canyon League today. The girls frequently play games and have a couple lined up in the next few weeks. 

Girls’ golf requires zero experience and is always open to new players. If you’re interested in joining this sport next season, speak to Mr. Letus ([email protected])