Softball season takeoff


Madelyn Busby

Senior Catcher Isabella Manory taking a good swing at an outside pitch to take to the right side of the field.

Madelyn Busby , Reporter

As the season has come to a start, Varsity softball has a record of 6 wins and 5 losses. The girls and coaches on this team are like one big family. “When I feel my teammates’ energy in the dugout it makes my confidence go up and if they believe I can succeed it gives me the confidence I will,” said senior catcher Isabella Manory. 

These girls work so hard during a game that sometimes they don’t realize they are having fun and doing amazing things on the field like diving for balls and making amazing plays. Still going back to the basics every once in a while can make a great team an even better team. 

During a game things can get very hectic. ”I am always thinking ahead to the next play,” said freshman utility player Holly White. Thinking ahead and asking yourself “where am I going next?” is normal for any athlete to ask themselves. 

For any new people who want to come out and haven’t seen the team play, the player to watch and look out for is second baseman and utility player Holly White. Although she is a Freshman she has been leaving her heart out on the field defensively and offensively. As of right now Holly has a batting average of .350 and a fielding percentage of 1.000.

Now, this team has created a special bond since the first day they started conditioning in the fall. The coaches are supportive of anything these girls do but expectations are set on these girls to succeed. “My expectations for this team is that we will play ball with any team who steps on the field with us and demand respect as a very good team, and win it all, after all someone is going to, why not us?” said Varsity softball coach Bill Dishon. Although these expectations are set, these coaches treat the team  like family and only want the best for the team in the end.