How COVID-19 affects high school sports

Joseph Anselmo, Plaid Truth Staff

Sports this 2020 season is unlike any other sports season ever before. This is due to all the new regulations and safety protocols put in by schools to help keep the players and coaches safe. Sports are allowed to start up again. However it is  mandatory for athletes and coaches to wear a mask at all times, teams need to be split into groups of no more than 15 athletes in a single group, athletes must social distance six feet apart, and coaches can only coach one sport at a time to keep from getting into contact with too many kids. These rules and regulations must be followed at all times and if caught not following these new guidelines the school has permission to shut that sport down.

“This season is going to be unlike any other and with all these new regulations I am excited to see how our season will turn out,” said head baseball coach Dan May. Dan May has been coaching at Royal High School for the past 30 years and has made a big name for himself in the Ventura County sports world.

“These new rules and regulations suck and the mask is hard to get used to, but at least we get a chance to play baseball,” said senior and athlete of the month Luke Piazza. Piazza will be continuing his academic and athletic career at UC Davis next year.