Hawaiian hoops

Tyler Garcia, Sports Editors

Boys basketball have been practicing for months, and are ready for the season to start. Over Thanksgiving break the whole team was able to go to Hawaii and play in a basketball tournament.
They played in three games, and were also able to do many fun excursions. They have been practicing hard since football season started just so they would be ready for this journey.
In past years the team would always go to play in a tournament in Palm Springs, but this year they wanted to play further with tougher competition this season. They want to improve over last years season.
With all the seniors on the team this year, they are hoping to make playoffs or further. Senior, Billy Hoffer said, “I’m hyped to see what the students bring this year!” The team was going through vigorous training every day except for Sundays.
The team normally practices for approximately three hours every single day. Senior Aaron Dawoodjee said, “It’s nice to see all of our hard work pay off after all of these years.”
The first league game, held on January 8, will be an away game against Camarillo High School.
Be sure to come and cheer on your Highlanders